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Of a former flame who sent carrying to prison who she wants to get one over on who becomes embroiled in the plan and then also james corden who is in the trailer as the crack investigator i think they call him the colombo of the fbi or the a well i don't think he's very good at what he does that's not a great casting of that role if you're going to have the person that's going up against cape lunch and sandra bullock who are these amazing cone women you don't hook james corden and it's liberty that he bested george clooney in the original franchise which i find credit be hard to believe there we go does that but no you'll kapiti right it just it was sort of food away in the second half i think just a real misjudgment and i think is what we're expecting those like you say it relies on the delivery because it's a franchise bill on double crossing and he knows second hands in and further development of twist just when you thought you know you're in the open there's an it an extension to the twist absolutely see it coming and there's no real pale for me there's no big cinematic pay off one of my favorite moments from the oceans eleven foam is when there will the fountain liam playing kind of silently you have a moment to reflect in and i think most classic in striking and it's completely lacking in this in this film unflinchingly so should we put some schools on this yeah so this is in anticipation enjoyments in retrospect s beth which think she'll say is e full absolutely on cost elaine for this as a on a fan of the female rebates i am a big fan of original fema of content that fool for cast i'd say three for enjoyment because there are a few moments there's this current of searing chemistry between confronts yet don't accept city incredible with kind of nico fringe and silk bomber jackets and you know and yeah glitz glamour city and then i'd say two in the iphone it largely quite forgettable unfortunately understood code is hot based on customer i was quite excited see this film probably three months patient maybe before but it just lack verve i enjoyed watching these performances these actors you know special shoutouts hallam car to the irish granny accents but really probably is quite forgettable so to enjoyment to in retrospect but it's already been something of a box office success in america and i'm very pleased in in that respect maybe the sequel and the way i suggest maybe a crossover with nothing like a dame universe maggie smith jd dan plow right read them all involved in the next one it's very my money at that very many of that so that was oceans eight in cinemas this weekend up next a documentary boom for real the late teenage years of sean michelle basque ya.

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