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T- AM seven hundred Tucson's. Most stimulating talk. We've made it. It's Friday three things. I think you need to know number one. There's still about four hundred thousand ballots left to be counted miracle sorry in all of Arizona a lot Mira COPA county. Summit pima. People are wigging out. Oh, my God cinemas in the lead. I get it. But there still like four hundred thousand votes to be counted or balanced, we had this is insane. There is some shady stuff going on man here. And in the second thing, I think you need to know is Florida their shady things there are videos out there showing people taking big giant bags of ballots and transferring them in their own private cars, that's not kosher. Broward county. Palm Beach county to democratic stronghold. The this is where all this is happening. All this is happening right now. This is so ridiculous. Rick Scott, the governor running for Senate is now. Channeling is inner Trump and saying I'm not going to let the DEM steal this. He is now ordering all on forced to investigate the shenanigans going on. They are not letting the are not letting people actually people be in the room with accounting these belts. They're they're finding all these ballots magically all over the place in the state of Florida. Really shady stuff going on there as well. We'll get into that third thing that I think you need to know is that the president is moving very quickly to restrict asylum access at our border with Mexico. Meaning if you're coming up, and you go through a port of entry. You're coming up the way legals do and go through the desert and go. Hey, hey, I'm here. I want asylum. You will not be granted asylum. Of course, it'll be sued by your wacko by people and held a stop probably by a wacko judge. Which is why judges are so very important. But the president is moving to make it illegal for these caravan migrant future legal aliens to say. We want asylum. Yep. Is. I think it's going to be official today. So more than that two three things. I think you need to know. So yeah, there's a lot of crazy stuff going on right now. And and. You know, how many times can we say that Martha was a horrible candidate? But it is what it is Houston cinema has a ninety six hundred vote lead right now ninety six hundred votes, according to I saw numbers in the Republic other places yet somewhere at four hundred thousand votes need to be counted. Four hundred thousand. They keep updating this more and more and more and more and. This is I mean who knows when we're gonna find the end of this, and how is even acceptable. What is going on? There's a story Maricopa County has three hundred forty five thousand ballots still to be counted. One hundred fifty thousand early ballots they got before election day. I don't understand if you got him early and you have a deadline to get them. If they send them in by a certain time should knows already be in the process of being counted and everything and have one hundred ninety five thousand ballots that were dropped off on election day. Provisional ballots out a precinct balanced cast on election day. You kidding me? Fifty four thousand votes to be counted. And Pima county. Thirty six thousand early ballots eighteen thousand provisional. The Pima county. Register voters Chris road said the recorder's office will begin processing provisional ballots this morning. Hey, thanks, only if we need them. It's provisional. Okay. But all county thirty one thousand eight hundred early boats still to count. Wow, Coconino has about over ten thousand. So this. This is not going to end anytime soon. Right. And people really like all that's it. It's over doesn't mean it's over. Doesn't mean it's not over. I feel like John Belushi. Now, it's not over. No, it's it's not over. But it should never have been this close. But like what's going on? Why all of a sudden? Why all of a sudden you have these random votes being counted? Why all of a sudden you have all these people at a no why can't we have a better system? What is going on here? This is why Michelle Reagan a Republican secretary state lost in the primary to Steve gainer because Michelle Reagan's a mess, but it's not just hurts. All these different. It's all the state rules laws to look at all this stuff. I mean every other state except for Florida. Of course, seems to be pretty good. Us. We can't get our our our act together. And then in Florida. Holy smokes. We we have stuff about Florida. Let me tell you something. There is a woman in Florida. She is in charge of all the votes counting the votes, you name it and Broward County Brenner, Barron county board of elections supervisor Brenda Snipes. This woman is more crooked than crooked Hillary. So. Rick Scott, one now, all of a sudden. These two democratic strongholds Broward County Palm Beach county. They're finding funny ballots everywhere. Literally. There was a story in the New York Post. I guess one of the polling locations or voting locations was an elementary school. And a teacher at an elementary school found a provisional ballot box in a storage area of school. Broward County Lakisha Williams said she discovered the ballot box two days after the after election day at Miramar elementary school was left behind by election workers. I wanted to the area. She said that we use for storage and sought their shook picture literally. It says it's like a like one of those rubber majors big, you know, rubber totes provisional ballot box. Yeah. So they called a state Representative of local state Representative. And where did it go? Should. I don't know where it is now. But let me tell you something according to this teacher. She said all provisional ballots need to be received by county officials before five PM Thursday. This is this is now all of a sudden, by the way, Rondo Santa's one. But all of a sudden, they're finding the magical vote somewhere these ballots all of a sudden his lead over Andrew Gelman slipped. Two point four percent. Andrew gillum saying, I think I'm gonna not concede. We're gonna hire lawyers. So this woman, by the way, there's so many stories here. This woman. Brenda Snipes has already been caught red-handed. Destroying ballots. Destroying about just destroying ballots. In may a judge ruled Snipes violated Florida law and federal law after she destroyed voters ballots in the 2016 congressional election in Florida in that race yet Debbie Wasserman Schultz being primary by a big time for challenging Tim Canova the next year over asked to review the paper ballots in the race. But it it was revealed that she destroyed Brennan destroyed the ballots just twelve months after the primary federal and state law. Mandates ballots cannot be destroyed until twenty two months after an election. She knowingly destroyed them the case also exposed that Snipes staff ready for this had open ballots in private in twenty-six on election day. Trump's administration took this lady's office to court. After she was accused of keeping felons non-citizens and dead voters on the voter rolls in Broward County, and at one point having more voters on the rolls, then actual voters in the district. Wow. So governor Rick Scott who wants to be a Senator play number one. Oh, six if you don't mind one. Oh, six. He was very strong and a statement that he had last night outside of his house. This is what he said he said, I'm asking the Florida Department of law enforcement to investigate this immediately. And I am considering every single Lincoln option available. No rag tag group of liberal activists or lawyers from DC. We'll be allowed to steal this election from the voters in this. Great state good for him, by the way, would Rick Scott be this, strong and forceful. If you didn't see the dawn doing it. Republicans are learning. They're learning that it's okay to be the stronger, they're learning that it's okay. To be able to speak up and fight back against the Democrats. That are out there. He's taught them. I don't think that Rick Scott would be this powerful and strong and calling for investigations, and this that and the other I don't think he'd do that at all. Oh, yeah. Oh, there's so much what we have many more soundbites from Rick Scott. We got to get into the the Martha stuff is well, even more detail. But you have to hear Bill Nelson is the democratic incumbent Senator there Rick Scott trying to defeat and he did defeat them. Well, he has a lawyer representing him. Did you hear about this lawyer? Do you don't, you know, who this lawyer is do, you know, who the Democrats sent down to represent a Bill Nelson? And try to get a recount wait till you hear who it is. And the past of this person. Oh, baby. It's coming.

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