CNN, President Trump, Trump Qadri discussed on Joe Pags



And now. Emerge as the main antagonists I. Thought it was pretty disturbing, I think that's the right word Akasha demand that Sarah Sanders given. Pinion which is in her job. Job story with the president says Of course if it had been no I don't, feel you're the enemy of the people would have created. A divide between the spokesperson and the president which is exactly what it costs to. Wanting to accomplish I think fair minded people understand that CNN is not in the news business, anymore remove Trump business and. Business is not good for CNN A ministry of the universe ratings are not good and I, believe when he goes in starts to operate that that. News operation that they're gonna make big changes over there because they hate Trump Qadri. That's on the air printing Mr. Kosta not bringing in No know, not interviewed Sam Donaldson, some years, ago and I talked to about that back and forth with Ronald Reagan that you brought up, and again it's Bill o. rally good who's no spent news program on. Bill O'Reilly dot com what I. Asked him about it he sort of said you know we, ended up having the greatest relationship ever because I understand he wasn't going to back down but I also understood he wanted us to laugh and enjoy. The relationship there's no joy at all here is there Now a media coup attempt to remove down and.

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