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They're pitching was surprisingly solid last year it just needs they don't need to be great they needed to be solid with john gray was a good young pitcher and you know the other guys it's okay it's not great bullpen much improve they added wade davis and brian shaw and some others to a that already had a solid jake mcgee and a couple of other guys so you always a little nervous about the pitching which is why i left him short but i do think they've finished second in the national league central i've got the diamondbacks finished third i'm a little nervous about the velocity drop even though he did have it last year and they got injured here at the end the spring training we'll see where he's at you wonder what the humidor their house that's gonna affect their offense i don't like the back half of their lineup you know the top is good but they're five six seven eight huge question marks not a fan of the bench the rotation solid if grank he's okay robbie ray came into his own last year in taiwan walker solid but they don't have a proven closer i do i do think archie bradley's a good pitcher there's some interesting names they ever know proven closer they lost jd martinez they brought steven susan to replace him now he starts to season hurt so they got some injuries they're dealing with the giants will finish fourth the madison bumgarner injury is obviously devastating one that i mean that was just crushing i wasn't a believer i thought they were in under five hundred team anyway but now they have no chance in the padres still stink i love you like yeah the padres will be a lot why would the padres be a lot better this year i mean maybe some of their young guys start to come around that's it i mean they signed their 'cause mer who else did they add now freddie galvez right look at their starting rotation pitching clayton richard on opening day how much better can you be if you're if is there a rule that if clayton richard pitching opening day for you can't really be that good i think that's a.

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