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What's going on everybody. Welcome to another episode of the podcast super excited to share this episode with you which was one of my authentic conversations. I hosted a couple of weeks back and now I'm sharing with you and it's on the topic of why I believe. Motivation sucks and what you can do instead. He'd like to learn more about those authentic conversations joining those Friday live webinars via video. You can do so by going to Ryan James Miller dot com slash events and posting them. There you can email me Ryan Ryan James Miller Dot Com and if you really just want to stay up to date on all the things that I'm doing where I'm speaking content. I'm sharing just other tips tricks and tidbits subscribed to my email list. I promise I'm not going to spam you Sharon just weekly content trying to add as much value as possible and as a matter of fact another thing that I've recently added as I've partnered with an organization called grossly and through that organization. I'm able to offer referral rewards for people that are sharing a the email newsletter with their friends with their colleagues. You can earn really cool. Things like Journals and books and hats and just other branded merchandise and some other cool things. They'll be adding down the line. So you're GonNa want to subscribe to that email last. Make sure that it's white listed that it's in your priority in box and doesn't get caught up in spam super appreciate your continued support and now. Here's another authentic conversation for you. Sharon through the podcast on. Why motivation sucks and what you should be doing instead. Take Care of talk to you soon. Our guys here. We go week six weeks six of authentic conversations. I am super thankful for you joining me. Today it's crazy to think that you are willing to set aside time to listen to some of the things that I have to say a hopefully there's continued value. I know that over the course of the last six weeks of had quite a few a returning attendees which I guess it means that you either have nothing better to do at eleven o'clock Pacific Time on a Friday or there's value here so I'm going to hope for the latter a with that just a couple of reminders throughout this conversation one way this morning if you have any questions if you have any thoughts feel free to pop them into the A. or the chat and I'm going to try and do my best to jump into those things on the fly so just know that that's their if not this is just GonNa be all one way really wished that I was in person with you. Guys being able to do this but So be the situation that we're in right now also because we are six weeks into this And seeing so many of the people that I'm familiar with that have joined us this morning. I just WanNa say to you guys that I know that you know I care about you. I hope you're doing well. I hope you're able to be productive. A positive in the midst of this. I know it can be extremely challenging. You know we go through these interesting stages The first one is kind of like the honeymoon. Phase where things are just so different and kind of chaotic that it's easy to keep our. Drennan up and get excited and then we start trying to reframe our mindset our habits days or weeks to figure out what the current normals GonNa look like and then we get into this maybe third stage which is probably where most of us are as. Now it's like now. What do I do do I do? I continue to do the things that I've been doing over the last five weeks Do I try something new? Go back to the way I was before. I don't know So to you all I just want to encourage you and say the fact that you've made it. This far is amazing If you feel like you are not making it. I want you to know that I am here. This is not a pitch. This is not anything other than me begging of you to reach out to me anybody else for that matter but definitely me if you have any needs questions if you have a financial need right now if you're sitting on this. Webinar and you are unemployed if you're struggling financially if you've been furloughed reach out to me and I will find a way to do what I can to help provide for your needs. There's just too much to go around for you to be struggling financially to put the very basic needs in front of yourself and your family so other than that. Let's get going you're GonNa talk negative and then we're going to drive into the positive but one of the things that I'll say right out of the gate is usually what catches people's attention. Maybe that's why you're here so you've heard me say this before and I'm just gonNA come right out and say it. I believe that motivation sucks. I don't like it. I am not a big fan of motivation. As a matter of fact I oftentimes. We'll have people reach out to me. had a lady yesterday and she wanted to know if I was interested in doing a motivational talk for team. That was struggling. That was Kinda check out. That wasn't doing well at home and I understand that she's saying they need a pump up but I'm like I don't. I don't WanNa be a motivational speaker. You're like I'm glad I can get you excited. I'm glad I can get you fired up for a few minutes but I just don't like motivation and here's why I believe that motivation than the majority. The mass majority of the motivation. That League get is external. It's coming from sources outside of US and so as the result of that. It's not sustainable. So let me let me give you a quick of that and you know we've all been here. Maybe this is going to happen to you this morning and I wish it wouldn't. I'm glad to some degree it does but I wish it because of the negative long-term result so we go to a conference. We we watch a movie. We we watch Michael Jordan playing in the eighty six playoffs during the second episode of the last dance last Sunday on. Espn phenomenal. It just pumps you up just to see the drive and determination that Michael Jordan had from a young age when he was told his older brother was better than him that pushed him. That drove him. That got really excited and that that that that just that made him the player that he ended up becoming probably the greatest player arguably the greatest player to ever play professional basketball. So we watch that. We hear that and we get all excited. We're so fired up. We're motivated. I WANNA go take on my dream to. I'm GONNA use fuel. I'M GONNA use that excitement. I'm GONNA use everything that I heard and MJ's story or Tony Robbins Story. Or Whoever Oprah's story whoever Ryan Miller story see how I put myself but really bear story. That's what's driven them to be successful. You will not gain sustainable dependable motivation from one of those people and as a matter of fact the shame that I often find. Is We go to these events? We watch these movies or these videos. We get all fired up. We all excited when we get our email. The inbox every single morning with our favorite motivational quotes or word or video. And then repeat her out and we fail. We fail to take the steps forward that we were so fired up to take just a few minutes ago when Tim Ferriss told us that we can have a four hour workweek to in instead of driving us to be motivated and to be excited and to pursue the things that we want to pursue. We end up feeling worse. We're ashamed because now not only were we not good enough to get it going on our own. But now we've had this person or these people firing us up and that didn't work either and we fall into these pits of shame and frustration and a lack of value and a lack of worthiness. So that's why I say motivation sucks it's provocative and that's why part of the reason. I say it but I mean. External motivation isn't all it's cracked up to be. And as a matter of fact it really holds little value in helping us to create and live and achieve the life that we want for ourselves so on that note. Hopefully that was my ten minute plea for you to look somewhere else. You've heard me talk about it before but every bit of motivation. That is going to be sustainable for you. Must come from within. So we're GonNa talk very practically got four things that I wanNA talk. I don't want to share about as it relates to achieving goals. And this is coming from a guy right you. Many of you know I set no goals in two thousand nineteen. I began two thousand twenty. I say began without setting any goals. Again I now have one. I'm not ready to share that yet but I I have to some degree but it's still getting baked out But but that doesn't mean that I don't have things that I desire. That doesn't that. Don't have things that I that I want or chief just means that my my life my disciplines my habits are wrapped around or pointed at goals. But I think they're valuable and as a matter of fact during times like this. They are extremely valuable so long as they're right goals. I shared this with a group of guys that I have had the pleasure and privilege to be working with In in a group. Coaching program the last couple of months and I shared with them that the day. Before I heard Gary Chalk who I listen to pretty regularly. I think he's got some great things to say in a nutshell he said where all you with your five year plans now. I mean come on think about it. If you had a five year plan that ended anytime after March Fifteenth Twenty Twenty. It's probably been pretty screwed up as a matter of fact the chances of you achieving that are GonNa take a complete refrain if you have any hopes of achieving that big long plan host March fifteenth. Two Thousand Twenty. Because that's the core team kicked in and that's when everything that we had set out to do what our days looked like. Our weeks looked like our months. Look like our years look like our job look like our lifelock like it's just different. Uncontrollable circumstances could a real kink in our plan. So you need to make sure that you think through what goals you're setting how you're setting them in the purpose by which you're setting them so four things that I want to talk about as it relates to achieving goals number one And I'll just share these and then I'm going to work through them number one is you've got to break the gold down. It's it's great to set a goal. It's significantly more important to break that goal down into Into A few sections. I'm GONNA share that. Secondly is if you want to achieve any goal you need to have disciplined structure to your days your weeks months your year. GotTa happen so number two. You'd be disciplined structure to how how how you are productive on a day annandale basis number. Three if you're going to set.

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