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Hey Sean priest, how are you this fine Thursday? Radiant, beautiful, gorgeous, buoyant. How are you, sir? Happy Friday junior. This is so confusing to me, so this is like the in talk that goes on. And I think someone came up with this. Because we are people who listen to AMI audio, religiously, regularly, every single moment of their day, as they should. As you should, just like rap, I have to say this right. I've worked a lot of places in my life. This is a good place. Yes. I just want to say that. It's a good place. Yes, the people. The people are amazing. But the shows are good. I mean, it's like the shows are actually good. Yeah, okay. Just be careful here. Remember you've worked to other places before. That's not that other places about the really good. Well done. They are. Yes, it's a great place to work. You know why? Because there's so many great talk shows on here, like we've got the pulse, which is a brilliant job, so if you haven't checked out the pulse with it, you've got to check that out. What brilliant show? Because it's intelligent. I mean, I must admit, I don't have a physical in my head. But I still like listening to it and thinking I'm intelligent. It's a bit very professional. It's a bit very professional it's a big professional. I feel a lot of place exactly. So many great shows, and of course we have The Globe and Mail and The Guardian in the morning that precede us, precede, precede us, I find the technical production that particularly amazing and excellent on the global mail. I don't know if you've noticed that. I love that I get a name check every day and I don't really do anything. I do sometimes sit in and do the production on it. You do. Which is yes. Honestly, I love doing that. And it actually kind of helped me hone my skills on audacity. Because, you know, with this show, there's no real editing at all. But it should be. But there is I think the phrase is live to tape. Yes. Yes. Correct. Moving to your ears. Yeah, that's right. Exactly. No edits. But that's why this is what it is. Sorry, that's almost signs apologetic. We're so sorry. Sorry. She's been time. Can't be bothered. I mean, you could be bothered with it. Don't say that. No, lazy people. But we actually had our own show. We do edit other people's shows. But you're right, the globe thing is a perfect example, right? Because we've got to turn that around really quickly. And we had to come up with some. I love that. I believe nifty little audacity were around a little hacks there to. Yeah, make it very quick. I love it. I love it so many people who and Jacob schwarze who was on our show talking about Discord this week. He is a user of Reaper and I want to get Jacob on because I know he uses rep for AMI and then the production he does. And a lot of people swear by Reaper and I do think it is becoming it's becoming the Adobe edition of the media world. Journalism and I think people who work in radio, especially are going towards Reaper, they're moving away from Adobe, or I mean, certainly not everyone's moving away from it, but if you're blind, you probably are. Because it's not that accessible.

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