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Chance to win mets tickets coming up before midnight tonight a couple of things as far as the game goes three errors by the mets were immensely costly after rip it through their entire bullpen yesterday they needed seth lugo to pitch deep tonight and you might look at say logo on the gave them five innings but it wasn't logos faulted and the honored runs or something you could look at and say all right that's a factor that's two runs the defense gave up that's almost worse than that because they forced him to throw an extra thirty one pitches because of the errors made behind him and that's two innings right then and there that you might have been able to get out of lugo instead of having to go to the bullpen so early in the pen tonight gives up three runs they've tyler bachelor and his major league debut not exactly able to to ramp it up easily and it's a three nothing game the mets are hoping to be in it eventually the four spot later but he gives up two runs in that first inning in the major leagues as you might expect you got some nerve going and all that and not not ideal circumstances there and then get salman asked to throw a second inning as well he gives up a run in the ninth inning that's an insurance run for the pittsburgh pirates and it's going to be a problem they needed go to go deep tonight he was mostly up to the task and the defense just killing the mets and louis ski orme he's a defensive i guy he doesn't have much of a bat we haven't seen him hit whole lot at the major league level and i understand he's being asked to play a possession doesn't have a whole lot of experience with at third base but if you're going to have an opium s in the four hundred you gotta be able to make some plays defensively and they haven't even asked him to play a whole lot of shortstop it's really just been second base and third base so you know he's value on this roster has to be playing some lights out defense and we just haven't quite seen that from lewis ski or may and if he's not being asked to play shortstop and you're gonna continue to put jose reyes there again it's it's both of those guys you wonder why they're on the roster what value they add and the mets just don't have better options down in the minor leagues and you could just continue to see these issues pop up time and time again for the new york mets and it's not nearly enough in the cupboard for them to get through and deal with some of the injuries that they have had so the mets and they lose six to four willett florez at three run homer off the bench you know the second straight day they've at three run shot late in games they had some chances in the eighth inning first and second one out on able to come through with the big hit in that spot in otherwise didn't do a whole lot offensive let's kind of the same old story what i found interesting mickey callaway post game that was as down and as low energy as i've heard calloway at all in his mets tenure and he has always been chipper positive in the face of adversity this is a subject earlier today when he met with the media prior to the game and afterwards he sounded defeated to me in some ways and the the energy just wasn't there you seem down and that it's really starting i think take a toll on him and you can't he can't sit there and say the things that he has been saying that well we like this and it's just a matter of time i think he's finally run out of all of those things that he.

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