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Defend what this department is doing. Or lay the blame on Bruce Anderson. Or lay the blame on Eagle or Josh Green or whoever you want. Damn it! Get your house in order. Rhea World consequences unemployment. Historic levels is thrown Hawaii into a depression and this high school bickering back and forth must stop. It must stop cage via Honolulu and I heart radio station. A sharp turn on Wall Street have Lisa Brady Fox News. The Dow's down over 700 points despite slightly better news on unemployment, with first time claims for benefits, dropping back under a million. There were 881,000 new claims for unemployment benefits. Last week, economists were predicting more than 900,000 continuing claims. The number of those still receiving benefits declined to 13.2 million boxes. GeneCo's solo the government's jobs report. August is due out tomorrow. Big Tech shares leading today's lox stock slide the NASDAQ Down over 500 points. The president says polls are fake news downplaying any round that show Joe Biden still leading after both parties, conventions, though, in some battleground states, not by quite a CZ Much today, Biden becomes the first Democratic presidential nominee to visit Wisconsin since 2012 Planning to hold a community meeting and me with law enforcement in Kenosha, where the president went two days ago, touring damage from riots after the police shooting of Jacob Lay earlier this.

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