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It became clear to me that most of the people who are actually making the porn that we are watching a society. Most of them are men yes and most of them. Are you know kind of similar to each other <music> this little group of men that are kind of into you know boobs and gars ha it kind of sexual but it's not actually a diverse group of people from different backgrounds as sexualities his and identities countries and you know all of it that that's not really happening so we are seeing in what we you know kind of call mainstream stream on what we are seeing its vision of sexuality. You're correct and it's interesting because they speak to a lot of men who like like what a lotta ladies like. They're like i like a man who looks like me who has sex like me and there isn't that much worn out there for me. You like that and i was like how interesting that men. They're like a lot of men like porn from a female perspective told me and i think that's why a lot of men are like by like watching lesbians and i'm like yeah probably because women are softer with each other ryan each other and i don't like that blowjob outburst lake hold a woman on that that force john they do sometimes even tila woman vomit and i mean this is all i get so tired. I'm talking about because i lose could work but it's like the problem problem is that i do love born. Tastic another has a great potential and that can really bring lots to us yes but at the same time hi the reality i mean most people if they go out on the internet which new and the porn serve they end up at all these kind of tube sites. It's you know when you're showing free porn which is not really free porn because actually stolen port your money. It's called free porn and i think the question about that so there's ads that run so these people not being paid through the ads well very little. It's it's a complicated structure because actually these companies. Basically it's one big company. It's one big company owning most of these free to. I don't know it because you think that you see many different brands so you think like owned so many more companies hiddink lori l. and i just learned that yeah totally an this is big conglomerates this big big pharma fashion and big porn the price but that's how it is honestly. I didn't know that and that's kind of wild yeah yeah. It's kinda wild but then but we we we have to really understand is that <hes> so so what they are interested is obviously not showing you the best possible diverse in u._s._a. That's out there in the world. That's not what they are after they are after the traffic because if need lots of traffic they can sell advertising. What kind of advertisement are they selling well. Mostly you know grow your they make your titties bigger. Make your juicier and i'm like i've never wanted a slutty. <hes> in your neighborhood. That's the kind of asset they are so yes and the thing is that people believe fit. They do believe so these all these kind of lonely guys having very sad stikes lives they are only sites and a you know think that maybe this dick pills idea that they do fill into credit cards details and then when the pills arrive save and they don't work they don't go to the police nope. They stu angrily in their basement. Let me watch another forced blowjob video exactly they're opening window after window after window and it's just like you know the sex machines going on on on on on and it's so much i mean what what the frustrates me is is the language that i see on all these of course the images no all the kind of of of women serving men that frustrating but upped also the language that they are using. You know. It's a very misogynistic race. It is because i don't like on these sites that black specific traffic porn is called ebony porn avenue station latina. It's we are all getting divided all but white folks. Yes ask because god god. You're really fucking breaking it down. It's making me angry because white people don't have a category.

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