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Seven eastern only on nbc. Albert breer had this tweet and he said nothing's more indicative of our nation's handling of the pandemic than the forty niners situation. They've been forced out of santa clara county. Because of new covid nineteen policies. They're going to maricopa arizona. Accounting maricopa has nearly twice the cases per capita that. Santa clara has but the niners are going to go there to play two games. he's dan orlovsky the former. Nfl quarterback who can check him out weekdays on espn's nfl live at four eastern also contributes to some other programs on the mothership including getup sportscenter. First take more. I always learn something when we have him on in. Dan joins us on the program. Dan good morning explained that logic to me that the niners can't play at home but they're gonna play in arizona where the covid situation as far as testing is higher twice as high as it is in santa clara. Be talking about football often. So my brain cells can't figure that out. But i know they found a way to make their games happen which is the most important thing to the nfl and hopefully everyone stays safe. But that's above my pay grade but it feels like this is whatever it takes to get to the postseason. We saw this with the nba and the bubble the nhl new bubble. We saw this with major league. Baseball does the nfl have blinders on that. It's just whatever it takes. We're playing these games. Even if it's not a true representation of the teams that we expect to be on the field. I think. I think that the reality is this actually got into a friend of mine. Who's an attorney last night about this. Because she asked me you. Think the season's going to be viewed the same or water down said no. I think. I think because there's a lot of challenges tied to it that it will still be weighed equally if not greater because of those challenges. I said i do think that this week needs to be a huge learning example for the nfl. Because you know the ravens have to play their game because they're covert outbreak. They got a thousand stars out. But a lot of like you know their quarterbacks out which is obviously a huge deal and it may not be that big a deal because it's the regular season and sixteen games and it's not a lose and go home sudden-death environment but what would happen if there was the first or second round.

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