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Welcome back to coast to coast george noory with you bill with us bill let's get back into some of these other demonic possessions do you go all over the country if people need your help i sure do george i heard you mentioned something early inter show about an event that you're having in the scottsdale i was just there a couple of weeks ago phoenix scottsdale and apache junction have people out there i had to help it's just amazing you name it i've been there and there's just people need all over this country and furthermore when i'm home i don't have much of a break at home either because i do international skype sessions just helped a man in denmark and another lady in katmandu i mean it's just absolutely amazing amount of people that are in need and you're working on some recent cases anything more severe along the lines of what you were telling us earlier and one i could go on and on and on and put you know case after case in the connection it didn't wanna do that that'll be for another time i just wanted to give people an idea of what it's like in the move on to the you know helping and the guidance part but another case that i had put in there after the initial case was a lady that i had helped in gettysburg pennsylvania and it was a very large house and she was under severe demonic possession and after i had performed the deliverance extra system on her she was freed up praise god for it after i do these things george.

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