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These swaying I since the plot and soon, it will sustain the ground monitor. This is a kid show. Right sorry. The plasma will. Appoint the area no Kevin this episodes, pg thirteen. So I think they're fine. It's all SMOOCH is and blood. So this whole time I'm thinking how come curt connors is fully changing into lizard than boom becomes a lizard. Then he goes right away and says like basically I am your father. Like you think they meant to do this I kind of Darth vader kind of reveal I have no idea what the fuck is going on with this. It's all over the map like would they get surrounded here? It's the three lizards we've been hanging out with, and then a punch of Lizard things that don't look at all like them. Like what is the design on those things you know what I mean like? Reptilian Mongols. It's vaguely racial. It's like it's a Godzilla, the hunt like what is this question? The don't understand I i. thought they were Catfish Lizards. That's. Oh but then. They could have been catfish but yeah, know who knows the? Plume. I thought the creators are playing too much mortal combat because they look like Goro does look. Mortal Kombat super huge in the nineties. They're just tying everything in here. Well, they obviously just tried to go and tie into a whole bunch of different franchises to go popularize on Ninja Turtles and Star Wars and Jurassic. Park. And everything and they hired this writer who's actually a sound guy go and do it. Because all the actual writers were just like fuck that I'm not going to sell out like that. So. Yeah And speaking of selling out the Lizard fucking sells spider Anna hard. Is just like, yeah you're right. I am your king fuck everybody..

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