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Up. I come on, man. Like, come on. Well, where was the logo? West was like sick. In west was like west might have been like, you know, west might have been like 63 at the time or something. Okay, he said he was ill. The shack doesn't show up. That was the funny part. He did not play the All-Star Game that 'cause it was me. Yeah. And yeah, and then you look and you see the history. Like you just never gonna get that again. So it's a fascinating thing, but we can think of we can tweak and bring up 35 guys who could be qualified for that. Let's say, we haven't indeed. You know, what about those guys? Yeah. And then some of the guys from the early 90s king is a guy. You know, Grant Hill kind of shaky, because of his injuries. But there's guys who were like in the middle Alonzo mourning, you know, could be could be on that list. Obviously, we're gonna put in we're gonna go with Duncan's Duncan's in. Yeah. Well, it's fascinating. That whole three, I mean, Manu. Z in? Yeah, I don't know. Bottle of paper might be like questionable, what, like, you know, you just look, you look at the class three, you LeBron, Bello, way. You put boss on there. You know, you know, that's debatable. I mean, there's a lot of guys who are gonna be very interested in see if they make this list. And then we are the courage, the hardens the Durant, the Lebrons, like all that, you know, we all know they're in. So someone's getting their spot taken unfortunately. We have somebody, you know, I just don't know if I can give it on the Luca thing the more I think about it. I mean, I know he's all world and gonna be. That would be typical, so it was projection, just like Shaq. Shaq was dominating the league at that time, but he was only 24. And it was a shorter list, which is even more remarkable. You put Luca on there. Yeah, yeah, they put Shaq in over like we said, Dominique and artist Gilmore. Right. In those days. So it would be fascinating to see who makes this list. Who from very current NBA makes this list the under 30 and then is there guys that were omitted or were young in 96 97? You know, because obviously you're going to go with Kobe, you're going to go with, I mean, it's Ray Allen is up for pierce. All those guys, whoo. You have plenty of people reading on bleacher report and everybody else is going to put out their list. I'm, but I'm looking forward to, you know, seeing yours obviously. Yeah, that was something that's something I would definitely tackle. It would seem at this point weird to go back to talking about this yourself. So, Evan, anything you'd like to add before we get out of here? I guess the only question I have is, can we take anything away from.

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