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They want to be close to all the fame he was going to be one of the penis listen the team i have not heard that yes serious po podcasts much destroy him but i was in the room with you you know it's not the kind of room or you're yelling and screaming was wait hold you can you play that we did tell him you already lost more time we're good go ahead close to all the fame is going to be one of the great titans history knew what kind of dark side he had before i'm wiz hold on he was going to be close to a hall of famer but also one of the great tight ends of all time so as one of the great titans of all time nitpicking on the show you've never do that hall of fame third time in great series for the music helps to yes nobody knew what kind of dockside he had some pretty good i can laughing in the background nobody works harder and nobody cares the most that's going to be we're doing this tomorrow i can't wait for friday i have no patience for this i need this friday like you wouldn't believe both through sixteen matchups tomorrow that's too many four it's not all one day get it down to the tournament time next week's tournament time take your time on your part of the show next week until the end of the week so maybe we can wait till then i don't know we'll do it friday thursday friday you wanna take the chance that he won't bail out and take the job in the afternoon well if he does that then it's not gonna handle set we've any other sound amir jerry from this documentary tweet comes out that this is dead himself what the hell is going on here what what what what is what when you look around the room that bewildered look why your dogs playing poker what is what is going on here tweet comes out that hernandez himself okay good so it's good quality television right that's that is a tv star in the making right there is no doubt tagore is going to be movie star i'm going to be a tv star what's wrong shirt you know where in the summer i'm not no po polish guy.

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