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Birthday today `Capricorno season and got a pretty nice present being voted first team all pro others. MVP Speak Albert season. But Lamar wasn't a unanimous choice with three people voting Russell Wilson in Coon Hall of fame. GM Bill Polian. Of course. We all remember Polian. Salem Marsha Swisher are receiver even before he got drafted. Wanted to ask you guys. Do you have an issue. The polian not voting for the more. Yeah do and I was someone that defended Polian when he said. Hey I think the guy should switch to wide receiver rod and have a problem with that but Lamar Jackson has been the best player in football football this year. I don't think it's even up for debate And so I don't I don't I don't get it. I do I get it somewhere but I don't like it. I don't get it in any form fascist so I do have an issue with three things to comment on to support while the issue one just voting in general. Oh usually we vote for something for someone to attain something. It's aspirational not. These votes is actually a record where I saw. We're just voting on what we saw. So how can you mess that up. It's not so much all I think you can become is what you actually were. So that's one two. He lapped the field field. Russell Wilson include. He lapped the field to my historical campaign here so once again Bill Polian truly respect. What are you looking at? And the last thing I think I know what he's looking at those implicit biases de we all like where we live. And for you go into anyone's world and just start looking at okay. You know what I like me a pure pocket conventional acid. is He doing no matter. WHAT COMES I? Don't care what color it is. I know what I like. I like a guy like this. And if I can't find that we'll find the closest version Russell Wilson so for everyone who's thinking the race card. He did pick Russell Wilson so the win Rogers someone else so I just think he's stuck in his ways and he's trying to find any version as close to that. It is still playing at exceptional national level. Russell Wilson is Great Lamar next level. Yeah I think I don't have an issue with it. Because he has the right to his opinion he's obviously earned that being someone who votes for them I I I did wonder. was there a racial undertone to why he is not giving Lamar Lamar his properties and again like you mentioned. He did pick Russell Wilson but I also do believe that you're right in saying that that is the lesser of his two evils to choose from who else is he gonNA choose that we have any type of legitimacy to to maybe shield him from the criticisms assumes that are going to be levied his way after making that decision not to make him the all pro selection. So I think it clearly establishes says that he does have a biased against Lamar Jackson. For whatever reason if it's a pocket you're not a pocket passing quarterback. If you're not the quarterback back that I would have wanted you to be if you're a quarter whatever it is. He does have a bias. And I think that that's that's evident but I don't have an issue with him having his own it sounds like he's doubling well down on his hateful Lamar Jackson. I'm not saying he hates strong. Were I'm not saying. He's hates Lamar Jackson but he sounds like a hater the more you can't deny what Lamar and did this year. You can't and yes. I think he is stuck in his old traditional ways because he had peyton manning in Indianapolis Bliss Right. That's kind of how he likes his quarterbacks to to look and feel in the pocket but I I don't understand how you deny Lamar Jackson of what he he did this year. But it doesn't bother me because he's still got forty seven other votes and he still was all pro so I I certainly think peyton manning has a lot to do with his buys for your pocket. quarterbacks also think my memories right bill. Polian was a part of building the buffalo bills. Yes Jim Kelly so passer pocket pass and so what I think. Bill Polian represents and there's two other guys that work on a Siriusxm show fed. Russell appears on. And Sodas Sodas Bill Polian Russell. Wilson's very likable guy. I think these two other voters friendly with Russell Wilson but but I just think that there are. There is a group of football people that think what Lamar's doing is not sustainable and that's an bill polian biases all put Peyton manning. Jim Kelly that sustainable but what he has to do is this all pro isn't about whether you can sustain. That's it's about this year and I'm just I had the same. I have a bias against Short quarterbacks quarterbacks I've been saying it for years I grew up with Jeff George. I like a quarterback six foot four six foot three. Those are the ideal height and again. I've said on record a lot of times. Well not the hugest Russell Wilson Fan. Because he's short. But dammit he to me. Russell Wilson was the second best quarterback this year. And if I'd been vote regardless of whether I like it or not because of his height I'm GonNa give him the respect. He was the second best quarterback after. Lamar I just. It bothers me the the bill polian would be but I'm not his age and old people get really really really starts a good point but the old guard mentality. It's old garment Garland is. There's a level of stubbornness that to some degree makes me like question. Your intellect a little bit. I'm just the facts are so overwhelming in Lamar. He.

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