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The fact that they've got a new coach which means you're gonna want your quarterback to build around you know and and and and the fact that because he's not under contract right now on his chest franchise you are here got the freedom to set that they can't find they can't do anything like he figured there until week one of the season and the only recourse that they would have would be to remove the franchise tag which I think we both know how is it going to happen is you know in New England are you the reports before the draft that that they were gonna spend a premium pick on a quarterback that ended up not being the case you know that one dog gets released you know where the conversation maybe this is going to be the the E. L. A. B. Dolan's up win in Foxborough here with the patriots bill Belichick I I think everything we've learned here that you know are they more more comfortable with Stidham I mean you said there's still a believer you know other people if he said the same thing you know what their actions here they don't draft a quarterback yeah they signed undrafted got Jamar Smith coming to Louisiana tech they go after it did all these sounds with the Dallas Cowboys are they you know they they they seem to be all in on Jarrett Stidham here now yeah I mean I I like I mean read their actions and it's still there there the very least comfortable with them and you know what I I think I've been through this with you guys before but like they sort of looked at scanning quarterback thought leaders because they knew they're not going to be in a position to draft up there are moderate to Joe burrow or Trevor Lawrence you're not gonna be in that position because they're not going to traffic in the top five and so you know one thing that they've done the work around a lot you years if each side like a quarterback to distressed assets and okay let's go find a guy who shares the profile has the traits that we want but maybe was in the best situation the last few years which is kill the stock a little bit and that is I mean what is on this kid Danny Etling they drafted from LSU two years ago last year was absolutely Jarrett Stidham I'm here to stand with I'd like I think the number one quarterback recruit coming out of high school he wanted Bailey started as a true freshman the sexual assault scandal blew out there are viral got fired and Jerry Stiller is we want without a team what did your college for a semester wound up at Auburn the office in Auburn is still built for cam Newton type quarterbacks so the offense there wasn't a great performance we still have all the skills that made him a great I. school quarterback that made him a great college recruit that made him a true freshman starter at Baylor and so the patriots bad on third down in the fourth round wise this guy was a different situation if they're going to say that the situation Joe brown was in last year you would not have lasted till the fourth round and that's just sort of the way they they look at us and said maybe if we you're drafted in the fourth row we get him into our system why because all of a sudden we'll see a first round talent now I don't know if they're there yet but they were encouraged by a lot of what they saw in year one and the real bonus here helping out people paying attention to that they've got about a million Bucks in cap space right now and shares them comes very very cheap beer on a fourth round rookie deal until the very least they're going to give themselves a full evaluation of Jarrett Stidham as a quarterback while from a global standpoint sort of resetting their financial back Johnson that makes sense we really appreciate the time thank you so much and of course love radio and then Q. B. SI dot com do a fantastic job thanks Albert eight I got appreciate it you got it all right here yeah love our good friend of the show coming up we're gonna get the thoughts of Peter king on the passing of don Shula listen I company alive from the town fair tire studios we always get the guaranteed lowest prices on name brand tires of Connecticut today nobody beats town fair tire nobody more was a bag in the other side.

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