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Is it too early for Christmas lights, are you that neighbor more on that in a second? Coming up on the show today. There's a a small PGA tour event called the tour championship that. Yeah. Ten million bucks is up for grabs. A no name golfer named Tiger Woods is in summer touting is this is it this is his weekend. This is when he's going to do it. We will talk to Mr. Gulf Ray Husted can get his take on that. So that's coming up in just a couple of minutes if you found ten thousand dollars in a purse ten grand cash cash money. What would you do? Nobody else around. Nobody sees you find it just you in the purse in the money, and you find it ten grand in cash you turn it in. What do you do? We will get to that question and your participation. In just a little bit. Also, the most fun cities in America. We'll get to I'll give you a hint. Columbus is not on that list. Probably not even in the top fifty or a hundred of that list. That's coming up the self driving shuttle. I think this is really really cool. The self driving shuttle here in Columbus, you comfortable riding in vehicles, not being driven by a human me. Would you do that the autonomous? And this is that somebody's actually going to be in the vehicle. But they're not actually operating the vehicle. We'll get to that in a little bit too. Would you be would you be okay with that? Would you would you ride in that? We'll do that right around five. Oh, seven ish. We'll get to that yesterday. It was breaking news on the show. Bert and Ernie were gay. But I guess they're really not according to this the sesame workshop tweeted Tuesday that the characters are just best friends, and they have many human traits, but remained puppets. And they don't have sexual orientation. So that's it with Sesame Street. That's I guess the long and short of it that they're not they're not actually gay. They they want you to know the producers of Sesame Street, they want you to know that Burton nerdy. Or they're not gay. Day tweeted, this out the characters are best friends have many human traits, but remained puppets, do not have sexual orientation. In a follow up. Tweeted says Sesame Street has always stood for inclusion and acceptance the tweets came in response to an interview published by quality with Mark Saltzman, an openly gay former writer for Sesame Street. He says that when he was writing the scenes with Burton, Ernie always felt that without a huge agenda. They were they were lovers. It's always it always has to be something in these situations. Are you upset about this? Josh. The fact that they are because I know we broke that yesterday, and we were talking about it. But the fact that they actually are not is I'm not shocked because upset me well because yesterday you actually kinda sounded happy about how I did you kind of did he Burke? No lovers. Are we burger that's what I'm saying? You sounded happy about it. No. I listen. I okay. It's not hard to imagine. I mean, they had separate beds. It is hard to imagine. No. I mean Burton earning were a little how do you determine where the away game is if there's two separate beds. I look at what I wasn't shocked when I heard that yesterday. I'll put it that way. But at the same time as a kid growing up, it never crossed my mind. But I never once thought. But then again, we're living in a, you know world now where parents are like, oh, no my four year old's transgender like, no, no, no, they're not. They don't know. What the hell? They're doing you. Stop it. The only way that any kid right now would think Berkner near gay is if their parents or somebody a grown adult push that agenda upon them. And by kid what age because my son is about to be five years. No idea. What gay means exactly my son's four has no concept of sexuality any then I want to keep it that way as long as possible. Now, look my son will talk about how he has girlfriends already. And and I mean that with girlfriends, no, I know, you know, talk about girls, and he does stuff like that. And Robert is he is so drawn to girls. Like, he I think you happy. I don't have any worries in that Mike like in the fat. No like all of his like, he just loves to hang out and play with girls already. And I don't think he knows what that means yet. He has drawn to them drawn. Yeah. He's stone. Stone is the same way. Yeah. He does. Like, he's always like Josephine is older sister will have friends over and he always wants to hang around them. And he'll say he'll ask. Her. Hey is blah, blah, blah coming up, and I'll go you never you never you mind. Don't worry about her in the night. I'm like good, Lord, man. I'll be asking that this is Burton or anything. Like, why did this guy feel the need to talk about it? Anyway, like why what was the deal what when sesame workshop has to reinforce the fact that they're they're stinking puppets here, man. They're just puppets. There's no sexual orientation involved in the puppets. Well, I don't you know, they have an autistic Sesame Street character. Now, I yeah, I saw that. Yeah. That's fine. That's fine. If you want to teach kids, you know about that. There are different, you know, people are spills sometimes different, right, right? Should accept everybody. But we don't need. Don't don't go opening network. Also, I was really glad to see sesame workshop tweet that out last night and just say. You know enough is enough. In addition. And let me expound on what you were saying I, and I don't know if this actually you feel this way, but I with regard to this and then bringing this up yesterday, and it was or what whenever it was. I was I was actually kinda mad. I'm like, why does everything has to wonder into this area? This type of area the P C area the book. Like, why can't you just leave that stuff alone? Why why does everything have to somehow be classified as something? Now, that's say, I don't understand people people need to compartmentalize and label everything it's its identity, politics, man. That's what it is. It's identity. Politics is win win. Things are so good and relatively speaking. Things would never been better in the history of humanity. We've never been more comfortable, we've never had more wealth. We've never had more luxury. We've never had more just everything around us is based makes our lives easier. It's like, you people are searching for strife, people are searching for reasons, they need a reason to feel different term portent. Or like, you think that could be the reason because everything is so cushy around us. Could they get bored? They're like, okay. I got to find something else. I've gotta find. So identity politics. You know, I'm a pan sexual dragon kin, you know, non binary, whatever it's like, no, you're just inventing stuff because you feel this desperate need to stand out when you're just another person. Okay. You're you're inventing. You're literally inventing different language. Terms stuff that so listen Burton nerdy. Continue to have adventures do your Burton or anything and just go on with it, man. And like, let's just get past it. I get it right on the heels of this, by the way, the you know, we had the story yesterday. We didn't get to it. But with the pampers thing getting rid of the Sesame Street characters possibly due to gender issues. That's yeah. Come on. Man is nothing sacred any more nothing and pampers had to say, no, we did not get rid of Sesame Street characters because they were too masculine while they're denying that. But what why else would they I don't think they did? Get rid of the characters. I think they're just not. Well, no, they what it is is the and as I'm reading here they've been slowly phasing out designs, featuring Elmo big bird, cookie monster Oscar, the grouch, but the reasons why are still not clear spokesman for pampered says they deny like you just said they're denying the gender issues at anything to do with this. We talked to thousands of parents, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And we learned there was a growing desire for mom and dad's for modern fresh graphics. I what in a spokesperson for Sesame Street was asked. Why were they removed? She said the paper a link that had details about pampers current support for our gender equality work is what they go on to say God nothing. Nothing is talking about diapers. I know it. I know. Yeah. It's it's definitely with the burden. Ernie thing them coming out. Now, I'm like, why are they still talking about? And here we are. We're still talking about it. That's just that's as crazy as people putting up Christmas decorations on September nineteenth. And I know there are some of you out there. You can't tonight right now. Somebody's going. He he's talking about me. Mark don't lie. You bet. You don't have anything to you at the blazer house. So I do have a confession. Oh god. Now. Wait, wait. Wait, wait. Wait, wait. I have a confession. I first of all is it too early for Christmas lights or Christmas decorations. I mean, should they be up your reaction eight to one TV and one eight hundred six ten WTVN. I do have a confession. What I so back in the day. When I lived in an apartment, I wasn't with my wife or even dating her then I did have a Christmas tree that my mom ended up giving me she got from a house that she cleaned in mere field. They gave it to her for whatever reason. And Josh, I'm not kidding. This tree was probably like a two three four thousand dollar tree. They had them in like ten different rooms in this monster in mere field. And this thing had like real French horns hanging on it. I kid you not. I mean, it was bad ass. I mean, it was really kept it up all year. I that year. I actually did keep it up because I go, man. This thing is unreal. So I kept it up through June. And I gotta tell you. I am I had this girl back to my apartment after a date. And when we came in everything was going fantastic, by the way. So the only thing I can attribute to possibly wrecking. This would be this tree. And she kind of alluded to that too. We walked in. And she goes, oh, you still you still have you saw the Christmas tree. Like, I bring this girl back to my apartment after our date which had been going really well, and she sees the tree and she's like, oh man her demeanor completely changed after that. And she saw the tree. And what it did? Was it made me say, okay. I guess I be that guy where I'm like, I like it so much I'm leaving it up because after that she and like I said things were going great on this date. And then right after she cut it short that. And I'm like what just happened? It was so bizarre. And then somebody got on one of those French horns. Where? That's how the rest of the year with her. Oh, I saw I got a guy down the street. I saw him putting this Christmas lights up today on my way in from. No, no, no. Did he you know, who you are down by Dublin CEO to high school? You know, exactly who you are. Well, the only thing I can think is it's warm out. So you're not gonna freeze while you're putting your lights up. Now. What if what if you put them up now? And then you don't light them up like you don't plug them up. But you just put them up. They're gonna come on. He's going to test them. I guarantee you. He's testing them right now. Clark griswold. Stop it. Can we have Halloween first before you go putting your Christmas lights and decorations up? And so help me God. If I see a candy cane is yard. I'm gonna kick it. You're gonna govern snap. It. I will. We have those. We actually put them up. Not right now, though, not right now. No, no, no, no..

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