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Tinu with abc news coverage of hurricane erma as a tropical storm warning has been issued for the first time for the city of atlanta let's rejoin abc news in new york vice these live coverage from abc news horror king erma from abc news headquarters here is correspondent aaron katersky hurricane erma is battering florida the center has crossed near key west and aims next for the gulf coast later today the hurricanes i made landfall about an hour and a half ago just east of key west and the national hurricane center in miami reported that the center core of erma is about twenty five miles now northeast of of key west end the storm is so why live that augusta ninety three miles per hour was measured near key largo at the other end of the florida keys and there have been strong winds throughout the southern portion of the florida peninsula a specially miami abc's jim ryan is there he's with us live jim boy reedus having died down at all miami terms with the wind that thrashing through here italy picked up in a laugh humidity national weather service warned is about eat one hundred mph winds and i'm certainly feeling those eur ninety beat up on the top part raj looking up at seventy river with their tall crane howard praised standing next to the weighing in the when we know that one game all of our big collapse which were timed ill wanted without it on top of the building broken hill in it fell down on building i don't know about anybody might have been hurt from that i i suspect that nobody with rao anyway community essentially was emptied out yesterday the day before this aaron anticipation of this very thing rain wind drenching rain at what seems to be an endless door right now here and just.

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