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Kashmir jackets from our black label collection so meet me at the corner of quality in style or if it's easier forty ninth in Madison Avenue I'll see you there traffic in transit good morning we got a lease on the FDR southbound into the nineties from an accident that's been cleared an earlier accident southbound by sixty third street that's not as well pretty bad crashing queens on the cross island north into Grand Central one lane is currently out but we may have only accept posted on that George Lincoln are holding take your pick five minutes or less alternate side suspended feeders in effect there's an accident on the parkway north at one forty eight you've got the ways they go from one forty five past the accident up to one fifty one French in Parsippany eighty west exit forty five remember with great no problems on the New York State Thruway traffic it's sponsored by boat right to save five percent every day by shopping at Lowe's in store or online save five percent on eligible purchases just by using your Los vantage card do it right for let's start close subject to credit approval can't one was at the Fred offers exclusions apply see store for details U. S. only I'm Susie surround the traffic center on talk radio seventy seven W. ABC mending invite help products for years now so excited to tell you about one of invites most popular products collagen HX did you know that thirty percent your body is made out of college and yet collagen production starts to decline at the tender age of twenty five the suspect to skin hair nails even affect your bones and joints I found this out by speaking with an invite help sort of but.

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