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34 yard line now the bulls and his pickup are higher stay it's david what percent feet recovering affordable right now the first big break of the game broad gildore yeah and that was burnett as an inside slot receiver just running a little crossing route and he made a fine cats and had room to run and he beats yep feel right off the bat but it was sithun who came in from behind with his left hand and strip the ball out the ball that burnett was holding pretty low well how about that what a way to start the game four both the trojans and the buck guys burnett fumble gives ohio state its first possession at the scg bank 10yard line and it will be the native texan for which a tough falls kid t parented quarterback jay cake dobbins the freshman they're the pack clear whether takes the handoff cracked down to the fifteen yard line for the gate of poor scott by linebacker john huston junior peres campbell terry maclaurin austin macro wide receivers marcus bother tight end and rod the sudden change is going to be really important for the trojans to handle here yeah we expect a high of state circle wide at usc to run power football and the snap the ferreti roles laughed and on the ron rosenthal it looked like threw it away or less intended frosted back wellcovered covered on the left sideline that the last time anybody saw jt barrett was in the ten championship game and he was literally a week removed from a deep procedure that is that above directs yeah and he's had a remarkable career again we mentioned this is his fifty a game and he is a real threat down here is a running as well they're down i am sick to the red zone at the twenty yard line in fp back failed snapped a barrel new seemed the wrong but he does it steps up its rose it over the middle of the tight end and he's got a first now the barca spa chris hawkins makes this stop at this seven yard line and a big pick up of a first down there for ohio state you know grad this usc defense is not known for him ming power running inside they struggle with that at times the.

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