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Because eric and don jr you know they they can't get erections no he's another trophy for above my bed but this is a wild story look at these tigers this woman this is her pat you know at some point this is going to go bad she sleeping in the bosom of a tiger i mean a big tiger right now going buggering name is janice haley she's an orlando and she has a pet tiger again we're back to florida and were there you go it says many of america's tigers could end up in people's backyards as pets they're not registered especially in states like texas where you don't have to register tiger i'm pretty sure in the bay area you probably have to register a tiger yeah i would hope so you know at the heart of this is the very american notion of a god given right to do one's own thing and including owning a pet no matter how exotic some of these there's like these five hundred thousand acre reserves in texas which is a big state texas is big state other than alaskan the united states it's huge it's like you go you put like four states on the east coast together it's still not as big as texas so there's a lot of people on there was a lot of land and a lot of exotic animals on and i can't remember the ones that look like deer but they got the real sharp tall antlers gazelle and might be to sell i just remember seeing this article by this guy i knew that was part of he did advertising for this oh for that company member of the guy the company that was involved in the c soul reliance minnesota killed them yeah so anyway so yeah that's but that's like i mean all right so tigers at pet sounds horrible right doesn't right yeah how's a different than a dog as a pet kill you probably domesticated for a really long time dog is man's best friend dogs really seem to enjoy being with him i mean there's always going to be a wild animal and unpredictable well i mean you know these some of these people are they're loving on them like they're you know cats and dogs one day though they'll be eating the atom that's our animal expert missing trump girl.

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