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Live from npr news in washington i'm lakshmi sang the south korean government says it's a rival to the north may be preparing another missile launch one day after north korea's most powerful nuclear test to date we have details from npr's at least hugh in seoul south korea's defence ministry didn't give details or indicate when a launch might happen but defence officials briefed lawmakers here saying signs have been consistent that north korea is preparing for another ballistic missile launch pyongyang has triggered global condemnation after its sixth underground nuclear test on sunday the bomb was significantly more powerful than its last test in september of last year it also twice tested intercontinental ballistic missiles in july analysts believe that those missiles in theory could reach the us mainland elise hugh npr news soul cleanup and damage assessment are underway in earnest across many parts of the texas gulf coast that were ravaged by harvey's historic rainfall and flooding evacuees you're being allowed back into the area round the arc i'm a chemical plant north of houston npr's rebecca herschel reports trailers storing organic peroxide used to make plastics and paint have been catching fire since last week's floods damaged refrigeration systems at the plant in crosby texas overnight local fire officials did a controlled burn of the remaining unstable chemicals on sunday a plume of smoke from the site was visible at least forty miles away in a statement the epa said the plan avoided additional damage to the facility or spreading into the surrounding area a statement from the company said the fires had largely burns themselves out overnight a highway that runs through the area will reopen as the evacuation order is lifted rebecca her shirt npr news.

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