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Tomorrow knee, SPN radio to play playoff games and baseball with the league championship series. And then the NBA getting started that game to a double header seventy Sixers play the Celtics at eight o'clock eastern time both of those games on TNT. But if you're going to kick off an NBA season and have fun at the expense of one of your stars. And go back to the past as well. While this is the way to do it. Now, my staff is already heard it. But Swedes, Shannon. Travis rock hold and start CAT. And they said, Freddie, wait until you hear this don't play it. Now, I want to hear live. We'll be play live on radio. I knew it was going to be good with the mash up of the old NBA on NBC theme and the laugh Leonard when he had his first press conference as a member of the Toronto Raptors, I knew it was going to be good. I didn't think it was good to sound that epic. We got to play this again just because come on. Hello with Fratello in a moderate shot. Marv Albert on NBC. It's never going to live that down the one time that people actually heard hit actually heard his voice, and that's the gift in their mind. Oh, man NBA continues to be hot property because stuff like that has carried the off season Jimmy Butler, still the Minnesota Timberwolves apparently Glenn Taylor. The owner of the timber wolves met with Jimmy Butler, and they're going to try to work out a trade. But he's convinced be bothered to play the good soldier and stay with the team and play for the team until something can be worked out. True. This could never have for example, if the man wanted to be traded by the New York Giants, they're not going to say we still play for us, and we'll work out a trade. But can you still be the good soldier? Do that flip? Anybody would flip it at situation. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. Opening night's gonna be fantastic for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Who the crowd what size of the crowd going to be on their first home game? We'll be Jimmy Butler side. Anthony towns side, we're gonna find out pretty quickly. I think they're really going to cheer Karl Anthony towns because that's the guy that'd be their franchise guy. We'll find your support. We'll find on a Friday night that their home openers versus Cleveland at eight o'clock eastern time. Them somewhere near TV just to hear the reaction because they cheer for Jimmy Butler, more than Karl Anthony towns that will be interesting with the Minnesota Timberwolves will Kevin love get more. Cheers and Jimmy Butler. Yes. Because he's the only guy they have right now in Cleveland. That's the one guy. No, Kevin love more. Cheers, minnesota. Oh, no, no. Jimmy Butler is getting more. Cheers than Kevin love got back then because Minnesota's a winning team now. Coli in the NBA NBC. I'll be stays in Toronto. I don't think he's going to. I hope he does great city. Great fan support. He could be the dude up there. I know they got Kyle Lowry. But it does this thing. He's a top five player in the NBA either. The NBA season kicks off tomorrow double header gains. Philadelphia boston. That's the early game and been Golden State the world champions hosting the Oklahoma City. Russell Westbrook less Oklahoma City thunder big legged later game. Excuse me. Warriors, taking Oklahoma City thunder ten thirty eastern time right here in the SPN radio. I'm Freddie Coleman on Freddie and Fitz Simons as it really gotten that bad. In Gruden land with the Oakland Raiders now they played a game in London didn't get there until Friday. Most teams get there early Tuesday. See the sights pump the league promote the league. Do it that way. Right. Not the Oakland Raiders. They did not get into Friday. So I'm sure they were surprised when they got the brakes beaten often by the Seattle Seahawks by accounted twenty seven to three and that was not even the part of the weekend that people were talking about Bruce Irvin. Bruce Irvin had something to say about that whole deal about what was going to be next for him. Seven to three now that the Oakland Raiders had lost that game and lost. It the way that they did. Prepare for forty five seconds of gold from Bruce Irvin about what happened and what he's going to do now because things have gotten that bad with the Oakland Raiders..

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