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Together by scientists, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This year's report finds that 2019 was one of the three hottest years ever recorded on Earth and the long term global warming trend is on full display every year since 2013 has been hotter than any year before 2013. The reason human greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of co two another heat trapping gases in the atmosphere continues to rise in 2019. Climate change made itself felt in particularly damaging ways in the region around the Indian Ocean With unprecedented cyclones, flooding and wildfires looking forward to the rest of 2020. Forecasters warn that the Earth is on track for one of its hottest years ever. Again. Rebecca Hirscher NPR news Asian markets trading higher than Ikea in Japan, up one and 3/4 of a percent. You're listening to NPR news. Authorities are investigating the shooting of a U. S Air Force helicopter on a training mission in Virginia. This week. You H one and Huey Chopper made an emergency landing at a regional airport in Manassas, Virginia, just west of Washington. One crew member was slightly injured. FBI and military investigators are trying to determine if that shooting was intentional. The Big 12 1 of the top college football conferences says is going ahead with plans for its fall season. NPR's Greg Allen reports. The two other top conferences postpone their fall seasons this week because of concerns about the Corona virus. The decisions by the Big 10 and Pac 12 conferences this week to cancel her false seasons created turmoil among athletes, college football fans and even President Trump. Who tweeted play college football. One factor in the decision to defer the season our studies linking covert 19 2 mile card itis, an inflammation of the heart that's reportedly been found in some college athletes. Big 12 released. A scheduled for Shorten 10 game season beginning September 26th is joining the South Eastern Atlantic coastal and the American athletic conferences and going forward with a fall football season. Big 12 6 players will be tested three times per week, and those were found positive will receive EKGs, echocardiograms and cardiac memories before returning to play. Greg Allen. NPR NEWS Miami Stein Mart is filing for bankruptcy and says it will close most if not all of its stores. The 112.

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