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Know talking about how we can get a little bit better even. So going forward I got the truck when tomorrow with. After the truck races and Kansas as well. So my my week. I'M GONNA try to get to our course, go kart track around here in North Carolina and get ready for these row courses coming up So all that stuff is what may be prepping for absolutely couple of things I want to talk to you about the road courses are coming up like you mentioned it's it's like Road America and Daytona road course you're prepping by go-karting any I racing as well a little bit a little bit of IRA things. But I think that you know we we do get job at Toyota of. Replicating the tracks are are Toyota. Simulator that you know our drivers get their Ryan and So I, think that really helps a bunch coming in these races right now with no practice or anything we have a pretty good advantage I feel of. Most Gar. Most guys only gets the track because we've just had so many I guess virtual APPs at the track and they do a good job of of gaining track making realistic as possible. So all that stuff really helps Before we get to the track round with Brandon Jones, you won a truck series race I don't know about month ago or so what's your schedule look like for that? I've got one more or less this year I've got Martinsville on my schedule and Just. Try Your as xfinity race man I haven't been Martinsville in a long time and. It's GonNa be it's GonNa be a cool and what car cars coming back and and all that. So that's GONNA. Be My last one there with those guys and maybe I can get one more before I close out the year with how what are you driving at home these days I, noticed you had a tweet earlier this month you're underneath a classic car looked like a pickup truck. Yeah. That's that was my great grandfather's truck and that's been the family for a long time and Some something to go out and have a little bit of fun with. My daily drivers I've been fortunate enough to get my hands on a new new forerunner and So that's my run around car here lately, enjoying that there's much can there. So I I enjoy getting out with them with some fun cars and Say. Cruise around a little bit have you had a chance to drive a production? Super I actually personally have not my team mate Harrison got one you really soon after they came out. And he drives it every day. So he he enjoys it definitely friends a lot ahead. I've had a bunch of people on the past that I've known to have the generation that ninety seven's and stuff and. That was always you know one of my favorite cards growing up with fast and furious and all that you know they I think they really made that car come to live with that show and I've always always wanted to get my hands on on. You'd think you know given what you do for a living they might be able to hook you up at least with a test drive. No kidding I I know that you know I'm sure eventually down the road once we once were able to go back to normal that the super a pace car you know throughout couples racism. So you know they all get a chance to to go right around the pace car something time. All right. So looking ahead to this weekend, it's Road America. The place is so long I think it could take a bathroom break between laps What's your outlook for that place? Added a big of course and you know road racer I'm sure they love it. I mean it's got the best of every world. You know you've got surprise feeds actions you've got slow you got elevation changes, all kinds of stuff at that racetrack So that's a that's a fun road course but they've challenging man I mean especially coming in there with no practice or anything I go back to what I said before that simulator just health so much Um. With you know getting your break points back Kinda looking for markers again. So last year there have a great practice, but we actually ended up having a decent rate so I'm looking forward to. Go back every year that I come to the road courses. I have way more confidence. You know I have way more knowledge than I did before of of the place. So I'm sure this time around I'll I'll be pretty prepared for it and then a bunch of de tracks. Daytona road course have you had a chance to do the Rolex twenty four I haven't called that's GonNa be interesting that would have been helpful. That would that would be big at at the same time I I'm sure that those cars that run on that track are you know way beyond what our cars people doing and that's something that I've ran into in the past with Ronin Series and stuff and I think they helped so much with getting. You know visuals down but it does help any with you know how you drive the track you know because they're just so different markers or so heavy they don't to turn back left or right really quick whereas you know that's designed for it really really makes you feel like you're Super Pan out there..

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