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I don't know if you can say that because there's the key has a habit of losing his job to backup quarterbacks and so i can't guarantee that won't have a but he is going to be like every week. When you're giving your your streaming quarterbacks of the week the the top of that list is could be ryan fitzpatrick. You have to do any sort of starts it scenario. He is the perfect guy. Patrick or the sky. 'cause he will no no. I'm saying as as we you're writing a column or have to do those things because he won't be rostered enough that you have to say it's obvious but it'll be right in that little gray area. We say every week you know you guys are missing. You gotta start ryan fitzpatrick. He's gonna light up the giant for four touchdowns this week. all right. Next up new orleans gives new contracts to jameis winston and taste hill a double grade here. Can i just say an f. But i don't know who gets four again. Who do you want to see win. It genius winston but that is just purely selfish. Because i held him dynasty roster through through the the entire year just going this is a waste of spot and i really hope that james turns into the starter for the saints. Did the same thing on on on a dynasty league that so we did a dynasty startup in the office about five years ago. Or so and adam didn't want to take part in it but he had to look at the results for the show so he is on the team with me we we we good but purely just keep them on there so he has to get all the alerts so it's only reason he's the one it's so annoying but every now and then like i could i could if i wanted to make trade offers for jamie. St things like that but our team is so good including raw string famous winston for. I do think. I changed the spelling of your name and i don't think you realized yes i could have different different league. That for sorry. Are you moving on here. Let's go to aaron jones. Green bay you already said is your winner so we go. Hey there chris carson.

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