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So they went back and forth and back and forth and i think the big question is and I heard daniel. You make a comment. That just who. The american people are going to identify with. I know who identify with that argument. And all that rage that went on. But i'm hoping that Your suspicion is that there's going to be a lot of other americans are gonna densify with rick. Santelli big blow on friday to up capaldi. The has screaming matched on tv and it was really played over and over and again as i say the talk shows down here in the l. a. area. They are eating it up. And because essentially of a sorkin basically when you don't have an argument you just screen. It's science science scientists like if you were trying to force your religion on someone else. So this is the truth is the truth in santilli. Call him out he said. Hey what are you talking about. You say you have to close churches. You have to close restaurants. People can't do any of these they wanna do but somehow they can go to walmart they can go to target. They can go to these huge stores which by the way are recording record profits amazon record price but people can be indoors crowder together in walmart. But they can't be outdoors. Stocial distanced at the restaurant and let science science. Well sent jelly investment. Is our friends zero hedge appointed. There've been a lot of backlash against sirkin for what he claimed for his arrogant. This is a public service announcement To everyone you've got shut everything down except the big welcome at the source. So i think this kind of poppies cruelty really is catalyzed. People and making them really angry and really question even people. They're trying to do the right. Even though you disagree because the idea that somehow you can catch it inside but not in a tent outside is for anyone with a brain is insane nevertheless this whole idea that you can't go to church you can go to walmart. Which is what. We're seeing here in california. The places are going to say. It's just not flight assigned people are in no mood. You know it it to tomato shows that these people that go back and especially the ones that are promoting lockdown. That they don't have a philosophic anchor anchor. They just do do what they think is important and politically speaking. And they do that. When the lockdown they pick and choose they pick bars You know to close down and put pre churches to close down but you know the big corporations get to stay open so then that is what happens in a. It's really a mess because most of what goes on in this whole thing has know not very much to do with science. I think they convince a lot of people. And you can't win the arguments and you know most of what you're hearing about on the virus is not very scientific and they they they don't have any position to steal with. They don't have the thought that will. Maybe maybe this will work out if we if we believed in inland in liberty to solve this problem but saw one. I found a little bit of amusing because it shows the mixture of what happens when you have no anchor. No personal belief on what liberty should be all about. The you know for years now. They've regulated at the federal government. We have federal laws and courts. That says you can't smoke in certain area..

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