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Show my name is Dom. Jere dano pinch hitting at eight six six. Fifty JIMBO eight six, six fifty JIMBO now this young woman millennial Has been? The darling of the media. The girl I car her name is oh Cortez from the Bronx she beat Joe Crowley who could have. Been, the Democrats next speaker Now he's running third, party against, her but, anyhow she's a socialist she said she's a democratic socialist and Democrats are. Scared to death in, the beginning they saw opportunity. She can bring these millennials get him turned on get them out to vote even more than Bernie now, she's? Under fire so as I said she's been on call. Bear she's been. All over the. Place and she was with this. Margaret, Hoover who is sort, of a moderate right very moderate on PBS. And Hoover's making the point tour. Wait a minute you're. Attacking capitalism. You're going to hear a Casey oh Cortez. At the end say, someday capitalism is, not going to exist it's. Only a matter of. Time people don't want that they want socialism Remember the. Appeal Democrats millennials Hoover is telling. Her well wait a minute what, about the Trump job numbers. Look at what's, happening here This woman is. Supposed to be highly educated? Knowledgeable occasi- oh Cortes and Democrats Snyder saying see this. Woman's like a meteor and. You know what happens it meteors they blow up and show blow us up. We gotta do something. Here, listen to the rationale she gives, for? Why the unemployment numbers are, so low, here's how it. Sounded wow the economy is going pretty strong right there's roughly four? Percent unemployment three point nine percent unemployment do you think that capitalism. Has failed to deliver for working class Americans are is no longer the best, vehicle? For working less America I think the numbers that, you, just talked about. Is part of, the? Problem, right because we look at these figures and, we say oh unemployment is low everything is fine right well unemployment is low because everyone has to jobs unemployment is low because people are, working sixty seventy. Eighty hours a week and can? Barely feed their heads and So I do, think, that right now. We have this, no-holds-barred? Wild, west hyper capitalism what that means is profit, at any cost capitalism has not always existed in the world and it will not always exist in the world All right there so. Let me now intervene I know you're blowing a gasket you can reach, me at. Eight six six fifty JIMBO she's apparently highly. Educated this genius of democratic socialism the it, girl you know that here's how unemployment is counted The. Unemployed are call it's called the household. Survey by the, bureau labor statistics. They call tens of thousands, of respondents a. Month and then extrapolate the number of people who have. No job at all are. Still looking. For jobs across the entire population and that's where we get. The, percentage in other words it. Doesn't matter you can have eighteen jobs miss occasional, Cortes you're only count it. As a worker as being employed you're not counted eighteen times it's amazing this is just one example what's going on with this woman now. Let me linked? To something I talked about this on my. Show in Philadelphia and it. Was like wildfire one of the. Things that Bernie did tap into, and, she tries to. Tap into in addition. To these dumb comments is, student loan debt. Are you aware there's actually a TV show Show on now on TRU TV my son, watches a couple of shows you got me watching it's not a major channel yeah it is on cable and the show's. Premise is if you win and the. More that you, win the name. Of the game show is, paid off it. Offers you a.

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