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This is Fox News. Six to on this Monday morning on Patrick Osborne. This news brought to you by renewal by Anderson. Boston and topping Austin's news. Amazon has repeatedly said it would make a decision about the location of its second headquarters by the end of this year. Austin is still in the running but with less than two months to go. The Washington Post is now reporting that Amazon's in advanced talks with the Washington DC metro area companies reportedly now a neighborhood in Arlington Virginia known as crystal city as election day draws near controversy continues to swirl around Austin's proposition, j Turney Fred Lewis of lettuce vote. Austin 'Jay opponents which include many at city hall continued to accuse Lewis of so-called dark money funding of their campaign. But Louis says those people had some dark money of their own opponent kid for six days during early voting a ten thousand dollar contribution from the real estate council. Austin, of course, that contribution would be controversial from a development interest and a violation of city law. Lewis has filed a complaint prop? Jay would let voters have a in any significant changes to Austin's land development, code Eric like NewsRadio KLBJ. It's all eyes on the election as the tex- Texas motion picture alliance gets ready for another legislative session. Some of the film industry say they are confident of some improvements in the states film incentives program. The alliance has many Raymond says she will like one hundred million in the program, we can really bring in a lot of productions. I think realistically though, that's next session. We'll probably see it rise a little bit. The program lasts thirty two million dollars in by the PA's as count for every dollar spent on incentives, the industry spent more than five fifty in the state those in the alliance elected officials will remember that in the upcoming session. John Cooney NewsRadio KLBJ the city of Austin is refusing to give up on getting businesses to not use plastic bags. Even though the Texas supreme court has ruled that back bands or against state law staffers are working on a plan that will promote businesses that voluntarily kept up their own bands on single use bags along with that the city is also working on a plan that would offer a zero waste rebate to any business. Who refuses to use plastic and it's now six zero four let's get here. Look at Austin's on time traffic. Here's Don prior typical delays starting to build out there. Northbound thirty-five starting at sixteen twenty six heavy up to about stash tea right now seeing a big time delay right now on northbound one eighty three starting pass been white.

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