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Cong cong skull island i was up a never saw that his good it was get anatoly will i honestly i totally would have passed on it but met the director at a party e3 just seemed like a totally normal do just like i think it was the first movie directed real it has museums are towards all duff and as i am i watch it noi mean ilikejohncrileyallottyeahit's a hell of a catscanjohngoodmantomhill sin sangaljackson uh what's her name kept a new brie marvel no brie breed larsonlarsonthank you you ever see her in room yeah ask great rooms great room is a fun movie to watch while nope built a very good movie rough movie to water rough rough in the bulk sought trailer for moving very a set legit last night watchman i trailer for jumanji oh the video gone yeahi'm so upset because it looks just like a poop who adventure movie that has nothing to do with the premise like our hait's like it's not even in very much of it on the original like jumanjigamethemonjumovieofdramonthe's a video game instead of just a movie thing in there and they get pulled into the move into the game and then they have avatars they turn onto and that's what you're seeing eventually do you think that in the movie going to happen that the come out of the video game in real hair because of all there's a video game instead of a board game wowhere we go now because like they had their like that there's enough footage in the trailer that show that they're gonna be living in this world where they're not gonna jump back out unless there the avatars again 'cause they're not gonna like jump away from being the rock and jackblackandkevin hard and all that kind of thing couldn't afford them for a ton of time because afforded for a little bit of time like the bit with the people who come different people in it on his tired of these remakes and i just like you okay you've got a movie dover called you mogae caught of stupid name and ripped up so much that like that soi can be like instagramsnapchat.

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