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Of coming up in a website we had also got another tipped without you heard that the tsa is now testing new security procedures at airports and take everything out yes so even flows even good at those airports aboard boise bust in colorado springs detroit fort lauderdale us biggest l a sand wanted lubeck cuba texas i check out what uh i i don't know why they have that in there that's what they don't have miami i'm going in the miami a week from monday's miami without for is a trail beware that it's your your job to the airport extra early those places because it could be things khanna the everything's coming now let me ask this have the yet implemented that laptop and they were talking about they did not that still talks that it might adult i've also heard that they're not going to do it now bearing the not going to do it the better not but i got all i'm all loaded up for a trip because i got two flights i got i downloaded about five movies inch from netflixing i got my magazines i got everything on my laptop not my ipad it will you go to south america along with a go there there's that they're talking about europe sell but if it does happen to europe i would i would think that would extend graf the other day that says that traveled to the united states from overseas is dropped about what is twenty percent ya are twenty twenty huge huge that is a big loss to a lot of businesses big on i bet i know lots of people who don't care that for two weeks and allow the wanna come to america which is a shame but that's a whole nother story um but speaking of road trips that was my sister had just went by tyson this is became tricolour eddie jet any jayantha the speaker projects i was at a conference in in alabama recently at someone who has a company called in the app called rhody are d i e r o d i e okay sorry we are only a okay good that makes more sense are away the dot com okay so if you're travelling and you're buying something in a us and you don't want to spend like crazy about money at fedex ups check these guys out you can create a gig they call it which is a delivery.

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