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Hopefully things work out the plan because I think we all know what the plan is. Sure. Now, we have to see whether or not they could pull it off come this summer, and we're going to have to sit here and discuss this until that time happens. Yes. That's the one thing. You talk about taking a risk and a gamble. If they don't get one of these free agents get to two hundred nine. Oh, that's my. I just want to some have one eight none. No, no, no. I know what they need to get. They might not get any. It's like Mike, but the Carrow Road in the post, it's all or nothing. I get it. Yeah. We all understand that it is that we all knew that going into the season. We win talking about Zion Williamson since the post season before the season started right again to I forgot about three. Not going to be easy. No. It's not going to be easy. And you've got to hope things fall the right way. But I'm just saying you have to start somewhere. Dennis Smith junior is a good recruiter Jamal Adams on Twitter. Serious. I know I don't think. So. All right. Well, I look I'm all in man. I gotta get you gotta move on. He just got to move on. And you got to be realistic about the situation you find yourself in. And there's only one way to dig yourself out of it. And if you if you want if you want something you've got to give up something, and they gave up something they got Dennis Smith junior back, but they also got the cap space, which is what they really want to have a lot of cap space for sure you had last night. The Mavericks did play they lost to the pistons ninety three eighty nine and the new look Knicks. I feel like we've said that a lot they will take on the Celtics. This is why when we talk about some of the players on a roster. I I can't talk about these guys. None of them are going to be here. Now now, really none of them are here. It's amazing. What's funny, though? I didn't think Tim Hardaway junior was going anywhere. And they were able to get out of that salary to. Yeah. We were saying I'm telling you we're saying about three weeks ago they have to try to move. These guys can move these guys then they will give him a flexibility can or will be next. I don't know if Neil Akina may may go To's. Well, there's no reason to have dealer keen on the team if you have Smith, and and maybe you're bringing Irving in next year. I mean, just keep going just keep get keep going and you're in the mood. You're in the mood. You're in the mood for moody. Yep. Moody is actually played now. That's what I'm saying about them. And maybe moody actually gets better knocks gets better if they're playing with Irving if they're playing with about Iran, you know, so they're playing with all these guys enzyme Williamson. Maybe they all elevate their game. Don't get too attached.

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