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Than its funding to packages on the holiday season jerry i was very annoyed watching the nfl yesterday first of all i think what the nfl it's enough with the replays we do this every week thous i don't want only keep repeating ourselves on literary myself soon okay this safari in two games i saw the catch grace iaaf flipped over to the red zone i full of tobacco and there were no points on them yard oh i thought they look at every microscopic moon it's become a joke on plays the whole things and explain to me how the julio john's touch on if you didn't see it as i did say however is that a touchdown now because he established himself in the field of play i thought the same thing when it breaks the catching he dives of georgia pile on when he hit it and he came loose i was like oh that may be a touchback yeah who knows what the hell down on a catches anymore allah and then you go back to the eagle giant game all come back to that every time and i forget who the receipt matt play where seven steps out of bounds areas and can shut up i mean honestly the league has become a joke with water catches unwanted catches not and then people were also upset yesterday at the robbi anderson who by the way the only good thing on the jets right well robby no no no rain curse has been very renewal hours fossil her a fight as saying marcus may is been all these guys i was wrong yeah well he's one of the good ones jerry one of the good ones law when he had quota touch touched down in the camera he wants people to vote for him for the pro bowl some people were not happy with her spielman chris beal which by the way you know your team stinks when chris spielman 's pariahs unsure tom bradley missile that playbyplay guy will they saddled him with only put out a reagan usually won by is due in the world series of what happened with this situation why we gets spielman whose role would spill my very uncomfortable on camera was uncomfortable with those that's when they went to the in the in the booth harry uncomfortable so he was not happy but but this is all we have really for the jets let's.

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