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So it just kind of looked black. They right out of my size. So mine's kind of speckled in it's fine. Whatever I bought my mom, the the black and charcoal one. And then they have a really cute one that I got Maluku which was actually on the barefoot dreams website that. Lavender and white. It's really cute cute. So where does like fitness didn't have that speckled back in the day when I bought mine, they didn't have the speckled. I like that. I had gotten my original one in Brown. Just because I knew I was going to wear it so much then I didn't want it to show dirt. Smart though. Yeah. You definitely have to go with the dark for sure. Gas ad. So anyway, you guys, I'm just you know, I'm not telling you what to do with your lives. But if you want robe, just just stop the research, don't hassle with it. And listen to me, listen to Kristen it's the best robe ever. You're going to love it. Amen K. I'm in full support. Thank you. Thank you very much. So that's number one. Number two. We need to talk about a do conceal her an under sealer that. I I can't even get over myself. I'm so in love with it. Now, there is a little there's a little hang up guys. There's a little little hiccup with this conceal her in that it's not super. It's not super clean. Oh, no. I know. I mean, oh, how dare she? It's by tar which tar the turnover is a clean. It's tart is way cleaner than conventional makeup. But it's not super clean. So, you know, tar has this whole time. We'll there. Okay. I mean, they're definitely better than most options. You know, they don't have ballots paraffins man mineral all that stuff. But they do still have fragrance which doesn't seem like a big deal. But it actually is a really big deal. Because no one really knows what's in fragrance companies have the dishes fragrance can be filled like one fragrance can be filled can be a hundred chemicals. So really, by the way, annoys me when make up brands put fragrance and like conceal her. I don't need my conceal to smell floral. I just I know it's so annoying. Can you please stop doing that people? Anyway. So I had heard about this tart shape tape. Have you heard about shape tape? No, okay. It's like. All over the internet. I feel like YouTube. It's it's exclusive to tart an Ulta. So like, you can't find it. Let's say at the tarts part of Sephora, it's only carried Olga or on tarts website. I don't know what the stuff is made out of..

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