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Find a slew of awesome pieces features and podcast coming up we have Joe house, and I are going to break down game, one of the NBA finals, which just happened. And then we have Malley Ruben talking about with a little distance game of thrones. What the series man, are we going to have another prestige TV show by that? We're the people right around to be so upset about some of the events of season, seven season, eight and then also with the future bench modus so yeah, you can hear that as well as coming up after that David shoemaker the great one. We're talk wrestling, because we had a siesmic moment in the wrestling wrestling animals this past week. The business feels like it's changing. There's been a new entrance a e w is in and we were both like blown away by how good of. The job. They've done this month. We're gonna talk about what it means. A WWE that is all coming up. I. Our friends from Pearl Jam. All right. We're taping this little bit before midnight on the east coast. Little bit for that. West coast game what NBA finals in the books. Joe house a longtime aficionado of the NBA finals. He's online. You just watch. I think will remember it as the game will we remember this as the CRM series, which you take away. I don't think we're going to remember this is this the series. But you know he had a great game one again Philadelphia. And you know, this is the thing with this Toronto team. They have established identity of kind of taking turn among of their kind of role players definitely up and having big games. So he had quite theories against Milwaukee didn't shoot great, but they had other guys filled in and able to, you know, they were the difference in that theory, they won four straight games because of their role players. Yeah. And this interational of Toronto is tough to be when you get, you know, when you you, you expect twenty four points or more out of my man kuwa-, but you get double digits out of Danny green, who's been dead. All series double digits outta vent. We you get twenty points out of all, you know, tough that doesn't. That's a tough recipe for anybody. Well, and then you had how many pull it at ears. Think they're threes and weird chats Toronto. Make every time it seemed like gold. Stay was going to get over the hump. My dad. My dad was caused these the hump games. Golden state..

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