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Dozens of business leaders from Fort Worth spent this beginning Kansas City to compare notes. The Fort Worth chamber of commerce says Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas work together. A lot like Dallas in Fort Worth do the chambers. Brandon Gingell box says Dallas and Fort Worth have a friendly rivalry. But the cities are partners for economic development when we talk about the competitive advantages that we have it is the Dallas Fort Worth airport. It is Dallas and the surrounding cities that we are. So we're very much focused on the regional peace is helping to fuel forest growth about fifty leaders. From Fort Worth went to Kansas City this weekend. They say Kansas City has a similar program like read Ford worth which aims to get. Every third grader reading on a great on grade level by twenty twenty-five. They're also looking at how Kansas City is trying to become a hub for small businesses study has found an increase in skin cancer deaths in wealthier nations, especially among men. The majority of developed nations mortality trends have increased over Arthur D R observation period for males for females. However, the trends in different countries have been more variable Dorothy Yang at the Royal free hospital in London is one of the co authors of the study there is some evidence from several studies that suggest that men possibly don't protect your skin as well as women do overseas. The Brits are marking the one hundredth anniversary of the end of World War One in a moving ceremony at one of the country's most famous landmarks. Vicki Barker in London for four hours every evening. The beefeaters who patrol the tower of London all veterans themselves are liking ten thousand torches as buglers played the last post from the ramparts the commemorations will continue nightly until November eleventh one hundred years to the day after the guns fell silent in what was called at the time. The war to end all wars. That is CBS correspondent Vicki Barker for the young man from Australia has died. Eight years after he was left paralyzed after he ate a garden slug on a dare. Sam Ballard was just nineteen when he ate the slug a few days later, he complained about a sharp pain in his legs. They went to the doctor and then lapsed into a coma that lasted fourteen months. Doctors determined that he'd been infected with the parasite called rat lungworm which resulted in an infection his brain get meningitis, basically that when he came out of his coma. He couldn't walk was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Suffering frequent seizures Sam Ballard is twenty eight years old when he passed away this weekend. Eight fifty four time to check on your money. Here's David Johnson. I like followed that. Yeah. It's getting better. Well over twice as many stocks were up his dad, the now's up ninety six points right now, the SBA average is up five and a half. Well, let's get very better for everybody except the FANG stocks the mass tax down forty eight. There's a real concern about apple in cutting back on our orders for some of the phones that evidently arts selling several downgrades and the stock stab five dollars and eighty two cents. So that actually is taking its toll not only on the NASDAQ. But it is inhibiting about probably thirty five points or so for the industrials average Amazon continues its slide down thirty five dollars a share Google's down seventeen net. Flicks. Data and a half crudes ahead. Forty eight cents. Gold is up twenty cents. Teddy rates data a little bit just below two point one nine percent, locally del friscos announcing that they have postponed. Their earnings report is supposed to come this morning. We have postponed a couple of weeks. And the stocks that have nine percent on sixty five cents and six dollars thirty five cents on that news right now. The industrials average is up ninety six points. David Johnson, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. David..

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