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Podcast take that. I'll keep getting y'all snake cool down here in Texas. Thanks for the call. I'll try out here. And if he thinks you bellow is Steve Austin. What's happening? Hey, what's up? Steve halo, just kicking it over here in north Hollywood, California, right outside. Well, I guess I'm in Los Angeles man, shit's going crazy over here. But it's a nice cool day. I'm in a studio taken calls from wonderful people. How to hail you? I'm great, man. I'm talking to my favorite wrestler of all time. And I'm listening to hard from being at the Mark out right now. I. They really quickly. I'm not gonna bother you with my resting marking out by one say, thank you. Thank you. Thanks for everything. Hell Shipman a good time. Doing that job. Brought best job I ever had appreciated you watching some benched yet. I'm going to get to my question is I want your thoughts on the Brock listener going from mixed. Martial arts going from professional wrestling to make more than your thoughts on that how he did in his endeavor. Because obviously, it is really rare to see guy go from professional wrestling to make smarter than being debt successful in that world. Day one. And yeah, you don't see that. But you know, Brock is a special individual with superhuman genetics a- guy came from wrestling background. So that was are in his blood and in his brain. And you know, obviously made that made the obvious graduation from that into pro wrestling, which so many do, and then, you know, kinda got a little bit sick of the business maybe sick of the travel and who's going to try to play football. And you know, Brock has a size and strength to do anything in the world that he wants to do. But when you're trying to play football against people who played football all their lives and are just as good or cutting just as big that technique that they have from the experience is going to kind of win over. So if Braga played football as a youngster more and really focused on that more. So than wrestling, I believe he would have succeeded in professional football. So anyway with the background that he had called up nee and a white got into business with UFC. I think the guy was tremendously successful, obviously, his pay per view numbers speak for themselves and a couple of bad ass fights got caught up in a couple of you know, when Frank MIR tamped tapped. Amount that damn ankle lock. He was in some sla- ju just said he was in slobber knocker to quote JR. And then to kind of, you know, run into all the physical problems had with diver ticky lattice. And I think that's what cut his career short there. I don't know how many times we really saw a one hundred percent. Healthy Brock Lessner compete. He's a very special human being and then just decided to segue back into the business of professional wrestling maintain that who that high profile, which he still enjoys but kind of be a little bit easier physically own his body. So I think the guys kicked ass at every single thing. He's done. Well, according to Paul aiming we've never seen a healthy Brock listener up until today. This is a scary thing and eat it is. And I wish him all all this the health in the world and a great upstanding run in a WWE. Thank you very much. Appreciate you come racing for me. I don't want to. I love you, man. You're the you're the man. Thank you, man. Hello. You got Steve Austin? What you get to know one celebrity that you've been all strata. No. You know, what I can't say that? I have you know, maybe if I met John, Wayne or Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, but never met. None of those cats probably the coolest guy our meal, maybe the guy that I would have to put the top of that list..

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