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So the national security adviser give comment on what should have happened the Attorney General United States obviously doesn't think so the deputy Attorney General United States obviously doesn't think so and down the chain but John Bolton thinks well that's news Mr ball describes several episodes with the president expressed willing to willingness to halt criminal investigations quote to an effective personal favors to dictators he liked unquote citing cases involving major firms in China and Turkey quote the pattern look like obstruction of justice as a way of life which we couldn't accept Mr Bolton writes adding that he reported his concerns to Attorney General William Barr but your concerns obviously were meritless and obviously you had in the back your mind to write a book and so a lot of his conduct as a result of this ladies and gentlemen becomes suspect suspect Mr bald Mads a striking new allegation by saying that Mr trump overtly link trade negotiations to resolve political fortunes by asking president xi Jinping of China to buy a lot of American agricultural products to help him win farm states in this election year Mr trump he writes was pleading with G. to ensure he'd win he stressed the importance of farmers and increase Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome the ladies and gentleman it just so happens that from a national security and American economic point of view it makes sense for him to want China to buy more of our farm goods but when he says the president was pleading with G. let me ask you a question folks do you think she wants reelected excuse me elected as president trump or Biden said this doesn't even ring true by the way I love the median out everybody and they're and they're a mother in law is now being asked and everybody and the homeless guy on the corner what they think about the charges against the officer in a land seat this that that's not justice got a lot of our media the book the room where it happened was obtained by The New York Times in advance of its schedule publication next so the the given to them by Bolton by Bowland slur Cooper or by the publisher Simon and Schuster positive train it was late in violation of federal law you have a bomb over president Mister Baker you be facing prosecution right now it was obtained by The New York Times in advance of its schedule publication next Tuesday has already become a political lightning rod in the thick of an election campaign well of course it is exactly what he wanted and what you want in the near times a number one best seller on Amazon even before it hits the bookstores Mr producer how many times have I had a number one best seller on Amazon before it hit the bookstores and they never write that up they never run it up they don't they don't pretend it exists the justice department filed a last minute lawsuit it's not a last minute lawsuit they had to file a lawsuit to react to what Bolton and his lawyer were doing against Mr Bolton this week seeking to stop publication even as Mr trump's critics complained that Bolton should have come forward during impeachment proceedings rather than save as a Catholic Mister Baker stop playing games what people are saying like me is if you really thought the present United States who committed multiple impeachable offenses he should testify rather than wait to get a two million dollar book deal and try to affect the outcome of the election that's perfectly rational perfectly rational that said that said the justice department has an independent duty to defend the constitution in the office of the president which is exactly what it's doing well the books by journalists lower level former aides and even an anonymous senior officials have revealed much about the trump White House Mr Bolton's volume is the first hello my mark by such a high ranking official who participated in major foreign policy events it is a lifetime of conservative credentials stop right there that's the point your chief of staff he White House counsel your national security adviser positions like that and you leave an administration have your **** kicked out of administration you are not free to reveal secrets confidentiality is conversations with the president I'd states who's the only head of the executive branch because if this becomes a president ladies and gentlemen it is impossible for a president to do its job and John Bolton has done grave damage to the executive branch grave damage to the constitution and grave damage to American national security it is a withering portrait of a president ignorant of even basic facts about the world susceptible to transparent flattery by authoritarian leaders manipulating him and prone to false statements found out their options and snap decisions today try to manager reverse sounds like Lyndon Johnson but he hasn't done any of these things yes it's sold out the any authoritarian leaders he hasn't taken any positions that endanger American national soccer so none of this has happened Mr trump did not seem to know for example that Britain is a nuclear power and asked to Finland as part of Russia now obviously the president New Britain is a nuclear but you know this is just John Bolton sitting in his in his three day old underwear in his basement eating a peanut M. and Ms I know what I'll do I'll say this Mr trump did not seem to know for example Britain is a nuclear power Neste Finland as part of Russia Mr Bolton writes he came closer to withdrawing the United States from NATO than previously known but he didn't even top advisers who position themselves as unswervingly loyal mock him behind his back but Mr trump's twenty eighteen meeting with north Korea's leader according to the book secretary St Montevideo slip Mr Bonanno disparaging the president say he is so full of blank okay Bolton could not stand pump pale Bolton could not stand John Kelly Bolton could not stand Mattis I know this is a matter of fact he told me these things and then Bolton couldn't stand the present soci Bolton didn't play nice which was an issue a month later Mr Bolton writes Mr Pompeo dismissed the president's North Korea diplomacy declaring that there was zero probability of success and what was Bolton's answer what to nuke them I don't know I'll tell you a little side story I would normally tell you this but I'll tell you a little side story when the president decided to withdraw troops from Syria in Madison course resigned over there and other things I was concerned about it it was not that the troops are being withdrawn but I was concerned about the the border with Turkey and I was concerned about the Kurds this is all public knowledge I even talk about it here and I rarely call the president but I did and I said to the president you know I'm I'm I'm worried about the courage and so forth and in the office was among others John Bolton if I ever told you this Mister minister never some telling the whole world so the president puts us on the speaker he says will John Bolton's here John what do you think of mark's position and here's what Mr hawks said well if mark wants to go over to Syria and fight then he's free to do so I thought wait a minute I would have sworn I didn't know that you would agree with me on this do you get my point Mr producer so in front of the president I'd states he was he was taking the position of the president which was okay apparently but what mark calls and I'm put on the speaker again I had no knowledge of what John was going to say I never I didn't I didn't consult with them it's full of mark believes that then he can put on the uniform to go to Syria and fight and yet in this book apparently those types of interactions what John was far more ameliorative I guess that's the word I would use in the circumstance I could use another but it is public radio here I'm sure he doesn't write that in his book more when I return I'll be right back van it's time to check the 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