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A sexuality something something and and I was watching it and I was like Oh my God right it was in the nineteen eighties. The psychology psychology community decided that being gay wasn't a disease. I fucking hadn't thought about that in a long time. Dude that is fucked up. Hug a gay people in your life. You know what I mean so yeah. The psychology is such a fucking new field the DSM is gay better put leeches on the ghost. I don't know put them. In a barrel. God Damn Agra Falls Zion somehow we couldn't scare him to death. Crazy wild did well oh Hampton. Oh by my become doctor. Oh that too we should become talk will pan out by days album appoint. I it's it's really solid. I love it. All the Super Funny Artworks Beautiful and people should get the flip book right. I mean that's like the best way to give you that. That also is another thing I made. It's a two-way flip book and there's a thing I wrote. It's a store a really fucking psychotic story. I wrote Hampton. I keep forgetting I have I I ah I can't. I don't know why I keep forgetting to do this so now since we're talking about it. I'm GonNa just fuck do it. This is for you yeah audited by the way when I said that day was really reaching for something really frustrated. Disney twitchy all pod you. You know where it's going to swing. I mean I was going to give you both a flip book. Aristotle bought one without fucking telling me east of bought one did but also I'm giving one's onto everyone who opened for me at the recording so thank you truly thank you so much. I love it. I mean do publisher parish. My boys a published sched author. There's words in here. This technically counts as a book. Did you know that did you know that you're technically on the same level as Dr Seuss and like you know yes. I am actually trading choice or whatever yeah treatment because that one the owners bake you. Thank you yeah man. I should throw this thing yeah yeah. Throw this in the garbage anyway. Well solid enough to club a child. It's so huge. Put look this up to my ear. Oh it's an iphone I it's a reverse youtube. We give you the iphone yeah. My album cost one thousand dollars and it's also iphone phone. Keep by my album. I love putting it up to my year. Did you ever see that it show Roswell where they will put it up here. Because it's an iphone I never saw Roswell. No they were just like put CDs up to their ears. It'd be like this is awesome like this fucking crazy as like thing I saw as a candidate just have always Georgia you know do all your immaterial the AP yeah picking up like a game controller up to my ear and being like the Sun's amazingly this fucking sick. It's funny that you bring us up Kazeem to the first time I ever heard year first album. I picked up a shell and I just tell the shell up to my ear. I'll see myself out. Thanks to the earth. I'll just see myself out of the earth. Your suicide suicide note said I'll see myself out right along note or short when if you ever did yeah why definitely right along one because of how long my Dick is bring it back. McConnell not straight on my my note to be as long as a Dick. I don't know if you're an author are expecting and that's true some writing. I actually realized after I was done that I had written this this story and I was like Oh my God. It is a book should I do. I need to get an I as a number and I looked it up and it goes like one hundred fifty bucks and I was like Nah. I ain't going to be in any fucking library so sad that it's like you know it'd be great also see and I don't know I'm putting this onion but cool stories where you you could hear oh they would carry it fucking dumb. Why didn't I sorry we'll only dad. Would they totally do that. No I was was yelling at you. I was yelling at my. You know like I was exclaiming. I'm so I'm sorry I did. I sound like I was yelling at you. Okay good good. I I just can't believe I didn't think of that. How does occur to me. I literally literally go there every week. In it's a bookstore and they love me. They'll totally sell it. I'm going to do that. That's great and you can always pointed out your show. I got right there so That's so smart. Sorry all right. This is only my mom did I this is I run a weekly show. Show at a bookstore and I've done that for five years and you just have is random felt like hey what if you I'm so stupid. Meanwhile L. Hampton has like elephants suitcase of Cassettes Albatross around my fucking neck that you know what make a casket out of all the cassettes. I still have for my third album. What's weird about it. Is that you've been running a show at a tape store the best idea ever. I'm GonNa Suck Your Dick Right now. Actually I'm going to suck your Dick Right now. Do you think you would mind. Do you think she would mind answer. She would be really turned on She would absolutely love new thing. I'm totally putting around around blast. I'm blasting my wife right. Wow this information. I'm putting her on blast. He woke all right. Sir When I put her on all of a sudden you can put a wrong. Are you putting her on Baja. Ah blast drink mountain dew. Everybody make sure your go to Taco. Bell loved that fucking. Shit really yeah absolutely damn recently. I did go back to Taco bell and I got like one of those. grilled like Burritos the shit. I used to eat like all the time when I was like aggressively game yeah. I was just yesterday. What was it that I saw I saw something Oh no no no. I was thinking about Super Smash Brothers. Now like this thing happened in American culture culture where like for some reason it didn't occur to us until like five ten years ago that all the stuff we liked would be cool if we just smashed smashed them all the fuck together and smash brothers exists and now like you can get a talk show where the. Shell is made out of doritos. Relation is breaking down. I mean this is. This is basically open playground. I guarantee you basically after they finished this runoff marvel movies. They'll probably reform at everything like twenty years from now where it's like star wars and like avengers or the same movie oh yeah they're like kind of already setting up the president of like we just merged properties all the time like why isn't there a Han Solo versus Spiderman yet. You know what I mean if at twenty ears exciting I know it. It's just GonNa no one's going to write anything new starting like a year and a half for Disney GonNa make less money right. There are about to kill Netflix of guaranteed. NETFLIX will be dead in five years. You think so yeah like a bunch of Shit recently with like like already. Disney package was looking really great but now they're offering a deal where it's going to be incredibly cheap for a long time. Oh my God basically basically trying to bed net flicks right away because Netflix is getting to be about almost twenty bucks a month and for what you know to watch like chapelle seventeenth special so he's like. Why would you be gay. BC's game now uh-huh. Why aren't you me. I'm looking directed. Camera is in me. The Man Yeah Netflix almost twenty bucks yeah. It's like eighteen for for me right now and really maybe that's with tax but I mean yeah. I feel like I pay ten. Do you have multiple screens one idea of okay. I know I have one screen and it's so annoying knowing. If my roommate's watching a movie I'll go into my room and I'm like fuck but then I don't want to pay more. I'd say maybe it's because I'm living multiple screens. Yeah I've mean to bring this up young man with your screen net flicks and your dirty Prius Man Fuck you so you rich boy. Do I say re dirty Preez. Those little route a little route to me. It is incredibly dirt is dirty. I like it when you walked up yeah and I was like Damn. Oh you're fucking with me. I mean you can't tell dirty but I saw it in separately. I know that it's dirty the inside but said it's nice you know net flicks on multiples. Maybe under one screen you'll get a fucking hybrid you know and this is a this is a deep question what we value in life. We should get into our thank you take a break and Dave when we come back. We're going back to churn snowball backpack noble noble. The NOB- to pock was from trill like he that was were music came from We're GONNA be talking about somebody who is in the show Chernobyl. He was one of the characters and he's a real guy he did end his life and it is related basically to the whole. Chernobyl incident and it's very interesting Dame's Valerie leg off and we'll talk some other shed and then all right. Go see what's up dirty mounts. Do you have a bunch of Burgers and gunk in your teeth. Are you SLOB. slob will guess what that nightmare is over because you're. GonNa Join Quip Right now. I've been using quip for a while. My Buddy Dave Ross has also been using quit for a while we can't I can't say enough about quips actually good.

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