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Your host, Morgan straddling. And I'm Chelsea Robson. So Chelsea, if you were a dog, what sort of dog would you be? I would actually be a doberman because I loved dobermans. But according to this video, or this movie, doberman saw the worst. This movie forever ingrained my love of dobermans. I know they're supposed to be bad guys, but they were so cool and they are so amazing. That you can't just overlook that. I'm sorry. They're bad. They're awesome. They have the pointy ears, which you need to do for it to be a proper doberman. The tail, right? Speaking of thoroughbreds, we are the rotoscopers. We are animation addicts through and through. And today's episode, let's just jump right into it. This is a very unexpected one. Chelsea and I needed to record and some of the movies that we want to record, we need some guests. We need some additional information and research, and so Chelsea said, hey, let's watch this one, and I said, let's do it. Gotta love Disney+. We threw it on and here we are. So without further ado, let's travel back in time to the 80s or Oliver and company. Now it's always once upon a time in New York City. I will have to say that I have a core memory of that boom box. The.

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