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Probably have the best nutrients don't they feed those horses only the finest beers and things is this the plot of space jam to the eib justifies i come in and become lebron lebron lavin leave the cavs no you you've got you've gotta listen to our show in cleveland to find out more but that's that's what's been on my mind this weekend travis to do we have the audio of him declaring that he will eat the poop this was at the draft party do we have that audio play will when you were in school aaron did you have those visions of saying that sentence to a crowd of hundreds if not thousands of people after an nfl draft party because it had to be right up there my parents saved up their whole life savings to send me the new york university just so you know and then i got into this industry they say pictured me doing stomach credible emotional feature on east sixty working with jeremy shop and bob lee and some of the best business and i'm sure they're so proud that right now they're stunned is known nationwide as the the good dude that's gonna eat the poop that's what they did that's what they invested for hey you know what if you do it i'll put it in a good word we'll do any sixty on the whole experience hey what lasting for lego if if cleveland and lebron if he stays in cleveland or they win the nba championship this year are you willing to do anything else and with pu before i start to put other things on the line that very smart move aaron gold hammer espn eight fifteen cleveland thanks a lot and thanks for your crappy takes good luck with it go go enjoy your lunch everybody thank your gold henry is being a fifty in cleveland joining us on the hang out on.

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