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7 24 if she set her alarm. Yeah, she's probably up. Yeah, you said. She's waking up about a half an hour early, floral making, Mom Thank you, Mom. But first traffic every 10 minutes on K away with John Morrissey house looking outside the rush, looking pretty good, but looks like we've got our first highway crashed. Looks like it is westbound. I 70 near Washington. You're loading up back to Brighton Boulevard. Not huge delays yet, but they'll grow or your drive on to 70 already backed up eastbound to 70 heavy from I 25 down New York and westbound approaching Vasquez. And that was found by 76 Drive is another slow drive I heading down toward to 70. But all that in commerce City to 79 76 pretty standard stuff your drive this morning on sound tonight 25 congested as you pass Thorton Parkway and then started to load up downtown. Now, starting at 20th that ran from South found 2 to 5 is a heavy, slow drive coming from Yosemite over to I 25 in Glendale. We've got another crash. Looks like Colorado Boulevard is backed up in both directions right there. Cherry Creek Drive south because of an accident. This reporter sponsored by Audible, It's a new year and an all new audible enjoy exclusive audible originals best selling audio books. Popular podcasts and more with the listing plan that works for you Find out more and start listening free with a 30 Day trial. It audible dot com I'm John Morrissey on cable news radio live everywhere on the I heard radio APP and progressive motorcycle presents road wisdom from the motel or Motorcycle and I know your cycle in life. There's no stopping. Tell us, but if you do make.

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