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Companies where what not a warning rather a financial hits because of the virus the Clorox and Netflix are up this week for the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy it's slow on the five in east LA this is northbound delays leaving did many remain on the brakes as you travel the head all the way into Burbank all the way up towards winter vistas and more pockets going ahead as you travel towards the fourteen in the new hall pass let's check out Costa mesa with Mike o'brien KFI in the sky sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com but that's out of the four oh five if the brakes pretty hard they're just leaving Bristol approach Fairview road Fairview the worst of it up to about brokers did beyond that not so bad up through the rest of the Orange County stretch up toward Westminster also looks like the southbound side of the four oh five difficult point levy the fifty five all it off and Irvine getting up at the diamond bar my favorite log comes up every day almost at this time of day fifty seven north out of the sixty virgins talking about it here walking on the right shoulder watch out for that guy it's already added a bride way back here to Yorba Linda Boulevard entered an accident visit super woman super lawyer dot com Mike o'brien AFI at this guy okay and find this guy helps get you there faster I need to Martinez we've got great water at our house it is clean it's fresh it's filtered it's from life source life source their water filtration system it's the best system on the market is no filters to change no salt no maintenance of any kind I never would drink water out of the faucet is it tasted.

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