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This is part of a long term project I was Adams is ninety three point one FM KFBK for today some fog early otherwise mostly cloudy highs of fifty four to fifty eight we are shower tonight low thirty eight to forty two five to start tomorrow that partly sunny fifty forty fifty eight have more clouds high fifty four to fifty eight again on Tuesday I've accu weather's bill decker news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. software accounting and payroll Cavaliers serial entrepreneur my second business was open six days a week and I work from home the seventh day hi maintain that rediculous schedule for eight years one Saturday morning in nineteen ninety nine I woke up late for work and was greeted by my six year old yeah why are you at work I answered because it's Saturday he said thanks for visiting dad his words pierced my heart I become a workaholic it was decision time what's more important family or work I chose family and I stopped working seven days a week that's why I created patriot software so entrepreneurs can run their payroll in minutes which gives more time for their families got a patriot software dot com use promo code radio and get two months of payroll processing free that's patriot software dot com today we're talking to doctor Scott needles about the opioid crisis Dr are opioids addictive unfortunately they are opioids.

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