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Pro publica finds that Norcross wielded his political influence to muscle in on a lucrative real estate deal on Camden's waterfront well that story just after the break here on W. NYC. as of rain tonight in our area widespread fought to love about fifty three degrees tomorrow rain possible in the morning clear by the afternoon that with a high near sixty six degrees. next time on studio three sixty how the joker's make up if all from Cesar Romero. hello Kitty's me good joke heath ledger well you look nervous is it the scars now to what keen Phoenix we bring me now can you introduce me as joker my symposium with Hollywood make up wizard Rick Baker next time on studio three sixty nine today it on ninety three point nine FM W. NYC. W. NYC supporters include Netflix presenting dolomite is my name Eddie Murphy stars as Rudy ray Moore who prove naysayers wrong when his alter ego dolomite became a nineteen seventies blaxploitation phenomenon dolomite is my name in theaters Friday. W. NYC independent journalism in the public interest ninety three point nine FM and am eight twenty NPR news and the New York conversation. live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jeanine Herbst as Congress conducts an investigation into whether president trump asked Ukraine to investigate his.

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