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You can have just another take if you just want to another. Take us for you. Just just let it go like. Oh my god how how nice in giving and how loving can this relationship be and then you know they just they just go on for days and he's like clint. We respond to shoot movies in like three months. He's like Give me six. It's amazing he started in nineteen fifty five. I mean what on earth is this guy. Dewey yeah no i mean. He's waking up every day. Every day is a blessing. Every day is a gift. And i'm going to give everyone that i touch the gift of of appreciation and i'm just like you know as somebody who to his core cannot bring himself to watch a clint eastwood movie that he's made for the past twenty years since space cowboy would ever saw by by choice and i was like since then i've been sworn off of it and yet i have this amazing admiration for him and his craft in what he does in the way he works with people. It's just this amazing dichotomy that i have to live with within my within myself. So it's all right and ted every which way but loose go there it is was the yeah was the arena tan movie. And is there. Like a boeing heroin. There wasn't fire fox and he was like the secret plane pilot or something. Oh so fire. Fox was one of my favorite. Clint eastwood movies espionage and behind the back lanes and dude. I'm looking at us filmography right now. I mean this guy has been in like everything. One of my favorite movies of all. Time is kelly's heroes. Oh nice yeah. Nineteen seventy man. Amazing amazing. I mean you know whatever you think of. Clint eastwood good better indifferent. I mean he's been in good better good bad or ugly. He's been you know. I mean a few dollars more like whatever it doesn't matter the guy's been in like one amazing movie..

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