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Taught. Michael says how schedule speak with no vocal. Cords his head. He's only a skull also also he has this in the original film. Says he has this nasal voice but he's also knows reading nasal cavities. Now maybe that maybe that explains it though. I don't i don't think of it as a full on skeleton. I mean i'm imagining being a little bit more. Like in the masses of the universe movie where it looks like a skeleton almost like a jack napier in a batman. Eighty nine of it. Yes something similar to that. It's not really a bonehead. Red sculptures really good. She says it becomes a mac. Now right yeah got you know one. Obviously there are issues. People have with this. Well i think in general it was really well done sport orla. I loved than its hizbut as king king greis gull triceratops. Awesome originally in a minute young series. He basically just wrote up a save the toothbrush But it was this but it was a trust her tops and it was so cool. Denis is but i think sadly i've got failing that some people are gonna take umbrage with this version of king greis go Amass bullshit because it was really awesome. Interpretation of done But but the fact that one daw won the won the bread man is in it. I it was come on now. Let's save it for later. Yeah okay yeah. I am talking to you guys about the front the subsequent episodes next week. Todd michael says i want lost spacey's in three now. Yeah i know where the hell is it. Drop it already. I know it's in the candidate. Been sitting on it for like a year and a half young yok a dental either during its maybe maybe they realize they don't have a lot of other stuff in the can so they so maybe i'll come and do the same one. Just do the same as that as the doing with this and just so cut in half yeah put first offer sneeze now the reason the reason. We are one of the pioneers of the shorter. Seasons was Sci fi universal on depends which version i mean because the might young version it was just it was just a hovering skull inside the hood but but but i i think riches are not the idea of basically it just being a construct some moss to cover something but you know but then again in the original twin line they would just go face demons. Yeah and it was a whole race of them so the anatomy of skeletal doesn't really get to me now that i'm dealing with magic and swords and cats that can transform and they talk and like all of this that yeah try. I don't understand how he can see either. How does he zoom. Does he look for. Save time as a cyborg like trap jaw and what he's up there right now on the scene playing on loop I wanted to say i love. I love his look. And i really really really love trap. Jaw of his new look The they're able to take a the nanotech technology that we didn't know about back then so they're they're adding in new technology. Which kind of makes it a little bit more. oh Realistic i guess. Well even just interesting thematically. I thought that that battle between technology and being betrayed by magic. I thought that that was kind of a cool way instead of just saying no. They're the bad guys we fight them..

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