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I don't i don't think they they're their hypocrisy is still intact and that many in the hollywood community don't get it and he's a recently michelle pfeiffer called it this should stanbic and but i jackie don't you getting scared because you there calculating up business lost it um you know with somebody like kevin spacey has to cancel his show and pull out of your own projects that means that potential uh projects are losing money and so that's something they have to pay attention to and also focusing on kevin spacey the m allegedly is accused of sexually assaulting a minor yes and that brings up the unspeakable subject of criminal pedophilia dick corey fouled has been running around trying to get someone to pay attention to am four uh many many years and now they are paying attention and all of us manage the the entertainment industry will never be the shack no one is certainly changing i don't go to the movies as much as i used to however over the weekend i tried to go see that new movie let there be light which is kevin serb servoz start in any also directed at uh sean hannity appears in i suppose a soldout james i could get in i got a chemical packaged try again i could leave i'll popular was unom very pleased 'cause hopefully it will send the the message that we want a more movies like that i can't wait to see it well that's kind of bed represents the alternative entertainment media if you will likely your alternative media and that is the healthiest part of that are christian so she did cater to family jan and kevin's your ball knows well because he was another willie phenomenal film for independent film are guy's not debt yes which of which was a you know in terms of big profit margin the industry pays attention and they have set off do you you in to cater if ghosts in every once in a while a film breaks through put an case in this one was primarily pushed through by the powered sean hannity because his listeners and executive producer in a users why forms of radio and television to promoted and uh you know i haven't seen it yet unfortunately i didn't give screener i usually but this one i didn't get and i haven't had time to go out but i've i have heard nothing but good things and it really doesn't matter whether it meets you know the film critic criteria the fact.

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