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Southern activist accepted invitations to join the atlantic coast conference in twenty twenty four in corvallis oregon state state athletic director scott barnes called the move regrettable but not unexpected and the beaver sports cams has some irons in the fire there were a unique circumstance where we can share a lot of information uh... it's highly complex uh... negotiations are going on and everybody wants uh... continued clarity reports indicate both o -s -u and washington state are talks in with the mountain west and american athletic conferences all of that in college football schedules kick off tomorrow for the ws u cougars at colorado state washington has a twelve thirty home game against boise c state tonight the mariners launch a key road trip against the new york met's with twenty nine games left to the go in regular season seattle shares the a l west lead with houston jared kelnick went one for three mariners in injury rehab assignment to comment tonight host sugar land again sports with sports at the ten and forty after the hour northwest newsradio around here you might say we have a taste for adventure and that goes just right with the freshest you get from q f c to help you feed your own adventure q f c love fresh love local love free pickup restrictions may apply enjoy fresh double savings boneless on certified angus beef your favorite cuts or buy one get one free with your card qfc love fresh love local love delivery restrictions apply you love him or you hate him what's that surprises guess that depends on the kind of surprise how about a surprise present good surprise how about a leaky water heater surprise bad surprise what about a backed up drink no thanks how about how about we get back to the good surprises this come may as a surprise another we make bad surprises go away because you're apollo plumbing

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