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So let me just give you an example of these kinds of things we talked to a doctor. He is an ophthalmologist Obama. Dr Tim, Tim as first name, I won't mention his last name's I've promised to my one on the show that guys grown guys in sixty days. Literally, his grown is optimally practice over thirty percents already a big company go, Dr Tim and sixty days, but you know, why following the system everything all every system the entire thing right now. Let me tell you about let me tell you about the the clients that struggle, though, it's when you get really smart person, and we say Chup, we'll kind of role play case. So you're you chop I I want to implement call recording. But I mean to a half to an ethical, and then what system shy us, and I know you're recommending clarity voice. But I have a different one thirty have. And but the problem with this one is that it only lets me record inbound calls. This is the stuff you run into all the time when people are trying to over think something that's already been proven in. Honestly, that's one of the reasons I brought up the tip top example a minute ago because with the franchise model, I love it so much there's not even an opportunity to try and argue with this stuff. It's already set up for you. Therefore, you have to follow that path and in it's just a no brainer. Now what about? Chef we'll push back. Do you get from intelligent people when it comes to putting video cameras in their lobby to ensure quality control. Well, it's unethical. Clay, I can't record. That members target puts up cameras, the Home Depot, and I know that traffic lights put up I know WalMart puts up cameras, but we can't never win. Yeah. And that's what keeps small businesses small. What about the group interview? We're gonna back. Do you get from intelligent people about implementing the group interview? Well, what kind of Telemit's group interview, don't I need to tell them tell them that tell them. It's a massive you have to do with the same day the same time every single week. We'll could've pushed get we. We have a client. As example, we have client right now. Dr Tim again in Alabama the up Malla gist. We told him, and he did it so great. This is awesome. We make a list of the hundred people that you want to refer you the hundred optometrists on philology which mean, which means he has surgery surgery in the eye. Optometrists treat the eye and they refer out surgery ophthalmology. Okay. So he's getting referrals downstream from up. Thomas. We should make a list of the top Thomas in town and bring them by doughnuts. Every week until him to pre sheet the referrals because you'd like to help their patients, and he says, okay done, and we said, and then make sure you ask every single patient for an objective, you know, Google review, and he says, okay? Well, Dr brick no pushback. He's doing it work. He now calls them doughnut referrals texting over Marshall with all these exclamation points. In another doughnut Rivero, but what kind of pushback did we get from very smart person? Oh, yeah. About the dream one hundred. That's a waste of time. I can't dedicate that much. I do step one drop off donuts. Yeah. Step to what do I do that drop off every week anyway. Yeah. Absolutely. Every single week. But what if they told me no, go back the next week Trump off donuts drop off donuts, you hear doctors talk about on the show people. Yeah. People think it's hyperbole. I don't think they believe they tell you never to come back. Oh, I'll see you next week. What kind of pushback, do you get from smart people when you tell them it's time to gather reviews. When I say, it's time you have to capture a review every single day from at least one real customer..

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